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So Trump has apparently greenlit the release of the memo and sent it back to Congress. It’s Congress’ document, and only they can release it; now they have an all-clear from Trump. It will be released tomorrow.

Apparently the Democrats are trying to block the release through, get this, chicanery and lies. After the FBI specifically asked for three or four words (per Peter King) in the document to be removed, and Republicans did so, and the Democrats knew about this, and said nothing earlier. But now making two claims:

1. You can’t release the document because this document is no longer the exact document you voted to release. I mean, sure, you did the edits the FBI requested, and we agreed to, but still. Not allowed to release it.

2. This document is now dishonest and misleading because you edited out the things the FBI demanded you edit out.

Sharyl Attkisson notices something odd: alleged open-government groups (liberals, obviously) and reporters (obviously liberal) usually want government documents to be released (or leaked).

Why are they all suddenly vigorous advocates for government secrecy?

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