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In case anyone needs a reminder of just how out-of-control-off-the-rails many in the mainstream media have become, look no further than Newsweek, a magazine once regarded when I was youngster as a reputable source of news and information. Now? Well, you tell me. Consider this fawning article praising the fashion sense of the wife of the perverted and sadistic little piss-ant butcher of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Jong Un’s wife stunned the Chinese public with her stylish fashion choices while accompanying the North Korean leader on his surprise visit to China this week. Ri Sol Ju, North Korea’s first lady, was seen in at least three different outfits during the unofficial two-day Beijing trip to meet China’s President Xi Jinping. Many citizens took to Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform, to praise Ri’s appearance. “Ri Sol-ju is indeed beautiful and amiable. I can tell she would be good at ‘first-lady diplomacy’, better than Kim’s sister,” one user wrote.”

It’s one thing for the state-controlled journalists of communist China and North Korea to toe the party line and dutifully praise the wife of the third-generation puppet of Beijing’s buffer zone masquerading as a country. It is quite another for a so-called liberal media outlet to join in the sycophant parade. But Newsweek’s Christina Zhao (who based on her bio is an overly-credentialed twenty-something reporter) seems more than willing to join the fun. It’s ironic that she has described herself as an “investigative journalist” because those skills seemed to have abandoned her while crafting this shameless fluff piece.

Were the Mordor-like conditions of North Korea not so horrific, such shallow treatment of the dictator’s first lady, Ri Sol Ju, and her fashion sense would be laughable. But suffering on such a monumental scale as is everyday life for millions north of the DMZ—one that has been on-going since Mao’s 1950 attack threw back the liberating UN forces on the Yalu River that might have otherwise spared generations from a hellish existence under the jackboot of Kim Jong Un’s grandfather then father before him—is deadly serious.

Maybe when Ms. Zhao catches her breath she may want to do some of that investigating and perchance remind her readers that, besides being married to Asia’s Grace Kelly, her husband presides over a 46,500-square mile prison camp…sub-divided into 16 labor camps enclosed by electrified barbed wire fences, wherein some 200,000 souls languish and endure systematic torture, starvation, and summary executions for the crime of not being so with the program as her Newsweek editors.

Ms. Zhao could mention that while Jackie Ono dines until her glittering multi-thousand-dollar dinner gowns burst, the prison her warden husband rules over suffers from epidemics of abject starvation and disease…one famine between 1994-1998 wiped out an estimated 3.5 million North Koreans, one-tenth of the population. Fortunately she will not have to resort to cannibalism to get her fill, a practice that has been documented in the hinterland outside the bright lights of Pyongyang.

I would think Newsweek would take a break from telling its remaining three readers about the elegance of Ms. Ju to perhaps include a passage from Shin Dong-hyuk’s riveting Escape From Camp 14, which is a brutally honest recounting of the horrors of her husband’s camps—a system which incarcerates three generations of an offender’s family.

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