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by Patty McMurray

On the day after the November 3, 2020 election, Republican poll challengers found themselves in what felt like a bad movie. It only took moments for incoming GOP poll challengers to realize they were unprepared for the hostile environment Democrat operatives had prepared for them. Once inside the massive TCF Center counting-room, Republicans quickly discovered they were outnumbered and seriously unprepared for the anger and hostility from Detroit election officials and paid workers. Election workers screamed, “SIX FEET!” at GOP poll challengers who were standing 8-10 feet away from the tables where ballots were being examined and counted. In contrast, Democrat poll challengers, Democrat lawyers, and leftist agitators moved freely about the counting table; some of them were almost touching the backs of the election worker’s chairs.

In the video below, Wayne Co. Recount Leader for Trump, Brian Szmytke, surrounded by a SWAT team, argues with Detroit election officials to allow Wayne Co. Canvasser Chair Monica Palmer back into the absentee ballot counting room on Nov. 4th. after being locked out.

Did certain Democrats and City election personnel collude to illegally thwart Republican challengers? “TCF Timeline” presents evidence from dozens of sworn affidavits that give a view contrary to the prevailing narrative of what we are told was “the most secure election in history.” In Detroit, certain tactics were used repeatedly to thwart the lawful efforts of Republican and non-partisan challengers to monitor the election proceedings.


Until the 2020 election debacle, many Americans paid little attention to the actual mechanics of elections. They simply trusted that officials were honestly and impartially counting their votes. Few were remotely familiar with terms like “challenger” and “counting board.”

Challengers are unpaid volunteers who can represent a party or remain “non-partisan” and who are trained and certified to monitor elections. In an absent voter counting board, they are DULY AUTHORIZED to observe, inspect and if warranted, challenge individual ballots, groups of ballots, and even vote counting processes if they believe they are not being properly performed.


Even today, few Michigan citizens realize that, as emphasized by Detroit Polling Site Assessor Ted Dickens, “[challengers] are as entitled to be there as an election inspector — or any DOE employee. All of us are participating as a result of state laws.” 


The upcoming report soon to be released by Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity, entitled “TCF Timeline: the 2020 General Election in Detroit,” presents evidence, including dozens of sworn affidavits, that there were tactics used repeatedly and often in a coordinated fashion, by members of the Democrat Party and some City of Detroit poll workers, supervisors and election officials, to thwart the lawful efforts of Republican (and non-partisan) challengers to monitor the election proceedings.

Highlights from the report:
GOP and non-partisan challengers were harassed, intimidated, verbally abused, and physically blocked from doing their jobs.
Those who stood fast were kept back 6 feet from the ballots despite a judge’s ruling granting them access inside 6 feet as long as it was as brief. Poll workers were kept in the dark about this ruling.
A GOP poll challenger’s sworn affidavit explains how the 6 feet rule was strictly enforced despite the judge’s prior ruling that determined poll workers should be able to stand closer than 6 feet when necessary to observe the process. 

The suspicion that strict social distancing was only being used as an excuse to deny access to GOP challengers was made clear by the City poll workers’ frequent huddles. Ranking officials called these every hour or two. They involved one to two dozen workers bunched together, shoulder to shoulder, in flagrant disregard of the same 6-foot rule they so vigorously enforced against the Republicans.
Election workers and officials were frequently seen standing closely together while examining ballots or reviewing details on the computer.

Poll workers and Democrat operatives appeared to be working together to block Republicans from meaningful observation of the ballots and the counting process and to have them removed from the counting board. Multiple challengers attested to the appearance of orchestration between the two groups.
Both Democrats and poll workers taped pizza boxes and other cardboard onto the windows blocking the view of the same Republicans they had earlier barred from entering the counting center.
Some Democrat operatives admitted to having little to no training in actual challenging of the ballots, and some admitted they were sent in solely to distract or obstruct the Republicans.
Here is a portion of a GOP poll challenger’s affidavit. The GOP volunteer challenger explained how Democrat operatives, election workers, and Detroit Police officers intimidated and threatened GOP poll challengers in her sworn statement.

Poll workers and their supervisors cheered loudly on multiple occasions when Republican challengers were evicted – usually without cause — from the counting center. No Democrats were reported to have been evicted.
According to her sworn statement, a written instructional pamphlet entitled “How to Distract Republican Challengers” was inadvertently handed to one GOP challenger. Before she had time to peruse it, it was grabbed from her hand by a Democrat challenger.

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