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From that Wacko Bird Mark Meadows that the #SmartSet thought was too extreme to serve as Speaker of the House:

New July 2016 texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show a troubling reference to former FBI Director James Comey potentially intervening in the 2016 election

To be clear: these are two high level FBI agents who appear to be discussing/laughing about the FBI Director potentially getting involved in the 2016 election–just days after the “Russia investigation” into the Trump campaign had begun.

The timeline here is concerning.

At what point does all this troubling info become enough? We can appoint a special counsel for a nonsense collusion case (with zero evidence), but we can’t do the same for a DOJ that, by now, appears clear-as-day politicized?

It’s past time. We need a second special counsel.

As far as I know, no New York Times reporter has rushed to print the news of how proud Mark Meadows’ high school classmates are of him.

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