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The Blaze:

The interview came after Walker’s strong showing at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference — his speech was well-received and he took the No. 2 spot in CPAC’s straw poll.

In the interview, Walker clarified that he did not mean to compare the public-sector unions he beat in Wisconsin to the Islamic State in his CPAC speech, saying his main point was about “leadership.”

When Wallace pressed him on his seeming “flip” on abortion, Walker phrased his answers carefully.

“Ultimately it [a fetus] is a life,” Walker said, affirming his “pro-life” credentials but refusing to say whether or not he believes a woman has a “right” to choose abortion.

“Ultimately it’s her [a woman’s] choice?” Wallace asked.

“Legally that’s what it is under the guidelines provided by the Supreme Court,” Walker said.

“And would you change that law?” Wallace pressed.

“That’s not a change you can make,” Walker said, adding that he believes there are other ways a president could advance a “pro-life” agenda without overturning the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

Wallace also pressed Walker on Wisconsin upcoming $2 billion state budget shortfall and Walker’s comments on illegal immigration.

“My views have changed,” Walker asserted, saying that despite his prior support for comprehensive immigration reform, he is now dead-set against amnesty.

Video here

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