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Ed Morrissey:

Drudge had this with a siren on Twitter, and Paul Bedard dutifully noted it at the Washington Examiner, too. In the latest in its regular poll series on media trust, PPP puts NBC News dead last on the trust list — lower than Comedy Central and MSNBC, which tied for second-worst:

35% of Americans say they trust Fox News more than any other TV news outlet, followed by 14% for PBS, 11% for ABC, 10% for CNN, 9% for CBS, 6% each for Comedy Central and MSNBC, and 3% for NBC. It leads the way because of its continuing near total support among Republicans as the place to go for news- 69% of Republicans say it’s their most trusted source with nothing else polling above 7%. Meanwhile Democrats are split between a lot of different outlets when it comes to who they have the most faith in- PBS at 21%, CNN and ABC at 18%, and CBS and MSNBC at 12% all poll in double digits.

MSNBC has trouble keeping up with Fox even while singing to the choir:

It’s interesting that while Fox News and MSNBC are often thought of as equivalent, Fox News is by far and away the most trusted source of GOP voters while MSNBC is only tied for 4th among Democrats.

PPP also flips the question, asking which outlet respondents trust least. Fox also tops that poll, thanks to strong negative reactions, while MSNBC comes in second place. Oddly, NBC falls into a tie for last place there, too, with 2% — which seems to indicate that no one’s taking it very seriously either way.

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