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by Ace

When people tell you who they are, listen to them.

WaPo has deleted this tweet, which was sent out about an hour after Trump announced to the world he and the First Lady’s positive COVID-19 test.

Here’s a thread of Blue Ticks praying for Trump’s death.

Update: Twitter is now blocking the posts found there! They’re not blocking the death wishes, but the person gathering up the death wishes to expose the left!

You can wish death on the president at Twitter — but you’re not allowed to expose the death-wishers. That’s “promoting hate,” I guess!

…More from Twitchy: the Civility-Restorers of “The Lincoln Project” are all cheering for the president to die.

Maybe they should rename it the John Wilkes Boothe project.

Bulbous c#ckold George Conway — who, I remind you, “stepped back” from the internet and politics for the sake of his teenage daughter’s mental health — decided once again that Little Suzie can go hang herself and tweeted, “He failed to protect the country. He couldn’t even protect himself.”

George Conway is one comorbidity piled on another comorbidity wrapped in a jacket of 180 pounds of dimpled fat and liberally sprinkled with the complete inability to satisfy a woman.

He really shouldn’t be cheering on covid.

Trump Deranged Twitter Addict and lawyer Ken “Popehat” White — who, like his very very good Twitter Pal AllahPundit is forever decrying conspiracy theories while vigorously pushing them himself — decides it’s time to play the “This is just another Trump-Russia scheme” card:

I mean, honestly, do we know this is real? Do we know this isn’t some last ditch election ruse where he claims he’s cured himself with some obscure drug that his company coincidentally makes? That sounds ludicrous but gestures at 2020]

No it’s just ludicrous.

He even realizes he’s pushing (another!) conspiracy theory, but then decides, damn the torpedoes, fire!

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