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by Ace

It is guaranteed by the First Amendment that citizens have the right to petition their government — and school boards are local government — about their grievances.
The Attorney General says “Nah.”
Note that this directive mentions “threats.” Yes, actual threats are illegal. (But why is a federal agency investigating local crimes, and fairly minor crimes that?)
But the directive also mentions “harassment” — scolding schoolboard members at public meetings at which they’re supposed to be petitioned about grievances — and the very vague term “intimidation,” which almost surely also just means “We don’t like Tea Party types yelling at leftwing political functionaries, and we’re willing to use unconstitutional police state coercion to threaten them into silence and going along with the leftwing program.”
Note also that nowhere in the directive does Garland state that the first amendment rights of protesters and concerned parents must be given a high priority.
They’re always quick to underline the first amendment rights of violent criminal organizations like antifa and BLM.

But parents speaking at their schoolboard meetings?
This directive comes mere days after a leftwing organization asked Biden to categorize parents as “domestic terrorists” committing “hate crimes.”
Still no one looking into antifa’s financing, huh?
Oh right — they have first amendment rights to protest that must be absolutely respected.

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