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This guy is officially #NotaCuck.

From TheHill:

Mick Mulvaney, the acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), told a Senate panel on Thursday that he’s not legally bound to answer lawmakers’ questions, only to appear before them, in comments meant to stress his agency’s independence.”While I have to be here by statute, I don’t think I have to answer your questions,” Mulvaney told the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. “If you take a look at the actual statute that requires me to be here, it says that I ‘shall appear’ before the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs of the Senate. And I’m here and I’m happy to do it.”

He also told a House panel something similar: “I believe it would be my statutory right to just sit here and twiddle my thumbs while you all ask questions.”

Some Republicans enjoyed Mulvaney’s use of the Democrats’ own stupid rules against them.

See the first link (to Hot Air) for more quotes and pwnage.

Best part: Elizabeth Warren demands answers, and Mulvaney tells her to fuck off — he invites her to experience some of the same frustration he felt when trying to get answers from a rogue agency entirely insulated from oversight by the people’s representatives.

Flashback: Because the CFPB skims money from the companies it bullies, it is largely self-funding in the same way an armed street gang is self-funding. Yet they usually demand the government pour even additional taxpayer monies into this shakedown operation anyway.

When Mick Mulvaney had to request budgetary money, he asked for zero. Not for a zero percent increase. He asked for zero dollars, period. He literally zeroed out his own agency’s budget.

Don’t worry — they’ll keep collecting the vig from the people they shake down.

But at least they won’t get any taxpayer money.

I’m not a gay, but looking at Mick Mulvaney’s Bad Boy motorcycle-leather appeal, I have to say: I get it, Gay Dudes. I get it.

Mick Mulvaney

You make me want to be better man. Or a worse one. Okay, forget the better/worse part — you make me want to be MORE of a man, one way or another.

President Mick Mulvaney? This guy is the Kenny Fucking Powers of administratin’.

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