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by Twitchy

At this point in the whole #TwitterFiles world, we’d be more surprised if Matt Taibbi or the other journalists involved WEREN’T exposing another Democrat who tried to use their office and authority to pressure Twitter into silencing/censoring the Right. It’s becoming a trend really.
And sure, the Left is shrieking about the Trump admin asking Twitter to remove a mean tweet Chrissy Teigen wrote (which was silly but whatever), and claiming this proves it’s not just Democrats doing this, but give us a break. Wanting Twitter to remove a tweet because it hurts your feelings or pride is VERY different from an elected official trying to silence an entire group of people based on a narrative they believe could hurt them politically.
Taibbi used this thread to mock, humiliate, and embarrass the media … and it’s a beautiful thing:

Don’t recognize this guy? Don’t feel bad, we didn’t at first either.
Keep going.

Which is really the big story BUUUUUT gosh, golly, and gee, the mainstream media just doesn’t want to cover THAT part.


Forget that Adam Schiff literally got a journalist kicked off Twitter in essence violating his First Amendment rights … TRUMP didn’t like a tweet from Chrissy Teigen and that’s the real news y’all.

We’re not holding our breath.

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