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A Picasso sold for big money at auction and so it’s kind of news. $174 million big.

The leftist media has been attributing this act of (minor) censorship to “Fox News,” despite the fact that “Fox 5” appears right in the bottom corner of their pictures — that is, it’s a local affiliate.

Here’s the New Yorker’s art critic:

He just ignores the “Fox 5” in order to spread The Narrative.

But certainly FoxNews would censor it, if it covered this story, right?

Wrong. Fox News proper did cover it– uncensored. Boobies intact.

Mother Jones then gets super-funny by showing other paintings with thedirty parts blurred out.

While these hens hector Fox News about censorship that didn’t happen — one searches in vain for the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on the New Yorker, or Mother Jones.

Almost the entirety of the “mainstream” — actually, leftwing media– either embargoed the Charlie cartoons completely, or cropped/censored them so that none of the Forbidden Art would offend their readers.

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