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By Jim Hoft

Power to the Polls, a leftist organization that previously recruited 700,000 potential poll workers in 2020 hopes to reengage those same people in 2022.


Power the Polls is linked to the Fair Elections Center a far-left group that has filed lawsuits across the country with partner organizations like the radical Southern Poverty Law Center and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice.


As we have reported at The Gateway Pundit for months now, GOP election workers were blocked from the counting rooms in the 2020 election. Only Democrats populated several of the counting rooms across the country.
These leftist operatives often LOCKED THE DOORS and prevented GOP observers from access to the counting rooms.
In Detroit, they even covered the windows inside the counting room so GOP observers could not look inside the room!

The Republican Party is once again AWOL on this serious threat to election integrity.
They are so pathetic you really have to wonder whose side they are on today?

Newsmax reported:

A program that recruits volunteers to serve as poll workers has relaunched before the 2022 midterm elections as some jurisdictions face shortages, Politico reports.
Power the Polls, which previously recruited about 700,000 potential poll workers during the 2020 election, hopes to reengage those same people.
“We’re seeing already in the early primaries that there have been places that polling locations have been closed due to poll worker shortages, or there’s been the threat of closing polling locations,” Jane Slusser, the program manager for Power the Polls, told Politico in an interview released on Friday.

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