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by Sundance

Andrew Weissmann, Norm Eisen and fellow travelers, wrote an internal prosecution memo for current Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco to use on behalf of their conscripted Special Counsel, Jack Smith. [SEE 186-page Guidance MEMO HERE]

Essentially, what we are witnessing is what skilled researchers would expect to see.

The Lawfare operatives, represented by Weissmann, Eisen and company, are all ideological agents connected directly to the anti-Trump efforts.

I use the term “Lawfare” to describe their general group association, as well as the actual organization funded by the Brookings Institute that carries the same name.

Essentially, Lawfare et al, are the group of current and former Dept of Justice ideologues that we find throughout the deployment of all Main Justice weaponization, activism and corruption.

The Muller team were all Lawfare members. The legal team in/around the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, what Christine Blasey-Ford called “beach friends,” are all Lawfare members.  The legal team behind both of Trump’s impeachment efforts were all Lawfare members.  It is one large network of legally minded ideologues working toward a common goal; they are inside government and connected to the same DOJ minds outside government.

The second thing they have in common is their collective risk within their action.  Many of their activities were/are unlawful (spygate, FISA, Mueller probe, impeachment background etc), so to the extent the Lawfare group can mitigate risk by attacking anyone who would be a threat to them, this is what we see.

Andrew Weissmann and Norm Eisen are two of the most well-known members of this politically motivated group.  Together they have created novel legal theories to use by the DOJ against their political opposition.  They write the legal filings for Main Justice to use inside government. The fact the DOJ uses these novel theories and legal filings in the actual practice of law and prosecution shows how deeply connected the outside Lawfare group is to the Lawfare group inside DC.

Much of their Lawfare approach, that is using the law as a weapon, is based on a goal of attrition. Wear down the target until they are eventually destroyed.  The same approach and motive is intended toward the supporters of the target.  Wear down the psyche of the target’s supporters until they too are destroyed.

Creating demoralization is a very familiar approach from the Saul Alinsky methods rulebook.  It is another way to create fear through isolation, ridicule and marginalization of their opponent.  Threatening to make any defender a target is exactly the key behind Andrew Weissmann’s entire tenure as a prosecutor.  You will note, they did this Lt Gen Mike Flynn when Weissmann expanded their scope and then threatened Flynn’s son, Mike Flynn Jr.

A few days ago, Andrew Weissmann and Norm Eisen published their “Model Prosecution Memo” for use inside the DOJ and for the legal scribes in media to review prior to the DOJ making any Trump indictment announcement.  {SEE MEMO HERE}  This is the same playbook they have used successfully in the past to get all of their allies on the same page for the preferred narrative.

Anticipating that Lisa Monaco is distributing the talking points and giving Jack Smith the groundwork for his upcoming novel indictment effort, Andrew Weissmann then appears on MSNBC to discuss.

Again, remember, this is as much about their own defense and self-interest as it is an attack against their enemy.  The Lawfare operatives have broken countless federal laws during their time weaponizing government against their political opposition.   Their foot soldiers, essentially allies in the FBI organization, have broken even more statutes and laws.  They are all mitigating the same level of risk.

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