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Sometimes it’s just best to embrace all of the weirdness. Thankfully, that was an approach of mine long before 2020. It may be what’s prevented my from entering into a lengthy heroin experiment here in 2021. Yeah, the beer is flowing a little too freely, but the day-to-day things are still getting done.
Throughout my life, the Democrats have had a really bad habit of being on the wrong side of things. During the Cold War, they were Soviet appeasers. In fact, the Democrats never had any problems with Russia until they wanted to blame Vladimir Putin for getting Donald Trump elected. Actual communist atrocities could be brushed aside, but a work of pure fiction drove them for three years.
Worry not, Vlad, they’re back in bed with you.
Here in the 21st century, the Dems have been bending over backwards covering for terrorists. Sure, they spent about forty-five minutes after the 9/11 attacks being unified with real American interests, but they quickly pivoted to permanent Islamo-appeasement mode. They ignore the consistent Jihadist component to terrorist attacks and mass shootings but 10 drunk Q Anon guys on January 6 at the Capitol constitute the biggest existential threat to America.
Part and parcel with that is their drift away from treating Israel as a stalwart ally while getting more chummy all of the time with Hamas and any other terrorists hanging out in Gaza.

These are today’s Democrats:

It would be nice if Tlaib represented the fringe of the Democratic Party, but we all know that’s not true.
The real fringe of the Democratic party is my senior senator, Kyrsten Sinema. She’s not clinically insane, so she’s not in the mainstream of the party.
Sinema continued to swim upstream with a statement about Israel yesterday, which Bonchie wrote about at RedState:

She’s not going to be invited to Squad happy hours anytime soon.  She committed the double Democrat sin of supporting Israel and acknowledging that Hamas is a terrorist organization.
I wrote at the beginning of the month that Sinema not only has a gift for annoying her fellow Democrats, but she will to keep on doing it. A moderate Democrat could very well end up being the most important Republican in the Senate for a while. Don’t put your money on Joe Manchin; he doesn’t have one-tenth the backbone that Sinema does.
It’s a shame that Sinema doesn’t get lauded by the media for her genuine integrity the way that Liz Cheney gets slobbered on every time she stomps her foot about Trump.
It is fun watching her continue to go full YOLO though.

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