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by Ace

Good. She’s out of the running for higher office. Done.


Her pretexts for not signing the bill are just that — pretexts. She’s not signing it because our corporate overlords — especially our tech overlords — have mandated that Trans Women are Women for all purposes, no exceptions, including eligibility in contact sports like judo.

The staunch conservative took issue with the wording of the legislation, alleging it left schools and team players vulnerable to lawsuits, and created “unworkable administrative burden[s] on schools” by forcing them to require yearly forms proving sex, age and lack of “performance-enhancing drugs.

“But most notably, she rejected their calls for bans at the collegiate level, telling lawmakers it could mean South Dakota athletes lose out in national tournaments, as the NCAA has inclusion policies for transgender student athletes.

“While I certainly do not always agree with the actions these sanctioning bodies take, I understand that collegiate athletics requires such a system — a fifty-state patchwork is not workable,” she said.

…The state’s House passed the bill in February with strong support in a 50-17 vote. But the Senate proved more divided with a 20-15 vote, falling short of the needed two-thirds majority to bypass the governor.

Apparently she’s running for president of the socially-leftwing Chamber of Commerce, which is an absolute cancer on the conservative movement that must be excised and then burned to charcoal in a kiln.


67 SD is like Delaware. A state with about 18 residents people that has a bunch of global corps HQed there for tax purposes. In the case of SD its banking. SD has more banking assets than any other state. Or at least it did recently.What did you expect the governor would do when Corps said jump, other than ask how high?
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Break up the big banks.

I have a simple way to do it:

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