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by Mark Finkelstein

Gag me with a lobster claw.
Donald Trump might have turned down Joe and Mika’s importuning for an invitation, but Joe Biden was a lot more amenable.
On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough and Brzezinski revealed that they had attended last night’s state dinner, Biden’s first as president, in honor of visiting French president Emmanuel Macron. Forget any notion that journalists should maybe avoid going to White House dinners so they can appear as nonpartisan as they can. No no, when you can brag about your important place in the elite, that’s most important.

As has been reportedJoe and Mika were there not as journalists covering the event, but as “guests,” i.e., official Biden fankids. Predictably, the pair gushed this morning over the event, calling it “beautiful,” “lovely,” and “very joyful.’
Scarborough told his guests “Joe Biden gets up, talks about the sort of things that all presidents have talked about, but really hasn’t had the resonance, because you’ve heard it so many times. Being for freedom, for liberal democracy. He talked about all of these values.” Is that what all the climate-change dictates are, a sign of “freedom”? Or the EU warning Elon Musk they’ll dump Twitter if there’s no “hate speech” crackdown?
Then, in a swipe at conservatives, Joe and Mika reserved emotional praise for Macron’s line that the “fight for democracy” is taking place not only in Ukraine, but “in our own countries.” Democracy was on the ballot—take that, Republicans! Take that, Kevin McCarthy — who attended the dinner. And leaving no doubt at whom Macron’s line was aimed, Mika mentioned that everybody started clapping.”
Everybody”: as in, all the dutiful members of the liberal claque.
So, now that Joe and Mika have been officially ensconced as Biden courtiers, look to Morning Joe for even more pronounced pro-Democrat sycophancy, and denunciations of those ee-vil Republicans!

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Regarding America-Last RINO Kevin McCarthy:

The Uniparty Swamp is alive and well after another stolen election. Nothing exemplifies this better than last night’s state dinner, the first for the Biden-Harris regime. Likely Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was there along with Hunter Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, and a slew of woke celebrities as they made their pitch to send more taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.
Congressman Matt Gaetz wasn’t impressed:

According to Fox News:

The swanky black-tie event was to include a lavish dining selection of desserts and seafood on the menu, including butter-poached Maine lobster, beef with shallot marmalade, numerous types of American cheeses, orange chiffon cake, roasted, creme fraiche ice cream, and caviar.
Both presidents and their wives posed for photos and exchanged greetings as the guests arrived at the tent erected on the South Lawn of the White House, according to a report from the Daily Mail.
The president’s son, Hunter Biden, who was in attendance, is under a federal investigation into his tax affairs. The investigation reached a critical stage in July, and federal prosecutors are considering charges against him in relation to foreign lobbying violations, tax crimes, false statements and more.

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