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Previously censored videos of Jan. 6, 2021, are now circulating online and sparking controversy and shock. The videos show people who appear to be Antifa disguising themselves as Trump supporters, and Trump supporters stopping Antifa vandalism. Another video shows a man who said he witnessed Antifa disguising themselves and saying they wanted to make Trump supporters look bad. The eyewitness further insisted the Jan. 6 protesters committing vandalism were not Trump supporters.
Actor and director Kevin Sorbo tweeted the video below with the comment, “Now do you believe me?”

Cartoonist Scott Adams quote-tweeted a video of Jacob Chansley, the “QAnon Shaman” who was sentenced to over three years in jail, shouting to protestors that Trump had tweeted they should return home. “We’re going to obey our president!” Chansley shouts. “Respect the Capitol!” a voice chimes in, but others insist they’re staying. Chansley agrees they’re free to make that choice, but reads one of Trump’s tweets into a microphone. Chansley then argues with others, “We are not Antifa! We’re not Antifa!”

Here, a Trump supporter leaps on a man trying to smash a window while others cheer him for stopping the vandalism; the protestors boo the vandal and one yells, “Antifa!”

In this video, people scream, “We’ve got Antifa right here!” and “No fighting!” and “F*ck Antifa!” as Trump supporters drive people off, telling those they identify as Antifa to get lost.

In this clip, people are seemingly disguising themselves as Trump supporters and call to the person filming them to delete the video.

Finally, an eyewitness account.
The eyewitness, who said he was an emergency management coordinator in Pennsylvania, stated that he saw Antifa trying to disguise themselves and saying, “We got to shake this up so that these people look bad.” He said these people then broke a window at the Capitol. So he started to walk away, wanting to leave the vandalism behind, but he heard them trying to break a second window as he walked away.
The eyewitness added that he also saw some of the supposed “mob violence” on the other side of the Capitol. He explained that when people started to climb the scaffolding, Trump supporters around them began to say, “These aren’t our people.”

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