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Many of you are probably familiar with John Sullivan, the anti-Trump activist who was supposedly filming a documentary on January 6th — a documentary that CNN purchased for $35,000.

The New York Post:

Accused Capitol rioter John Sullivan sold video footage he recorded at the Jan. 6 siege to NBC and CNN for $35,000 each, according to new court papers.

The news came as prosecutors on Tuesday tried to ban the Utah provocateur — a self-styled anti-Trump activist who they allege infiltrates protests to cause chaos and record video footage — from accessing social media, according to Politico.

Sullivan maintains that he is a journalist for his website Insurgence USA — and his defense attorney filed invoices for the $35,000 that NBC News and CNN each apparently paid for rights to use the videos.

But the feds allege in a criminal complaint that Sullivan was actively participating in and encouraging the siege.

As throngs of President Donald Trump supporters stormed the building, Sullivan helped one of the rioters scale a wall leading up to an entrance of the Capitol, an affidavit alleges.

Anti-Trump Sullivan is frequently seen in the company of the controversial figure Ray Epps, and there is also evidence of Sullivan’s involvement in actually instigating the riot.

Now, we’re learning that Mr. Sullivan likely had a more extensive role than just recording a documentary and chumming around with Ray Epps on that day. According to a January 6th defendant using the handle “Free State Will,” Sullivan was collaborating closely with both Antifa and undercover law enforcement. However, as per Free State Will’s investigation, the bodycam footage that could confirm this has mysteriously vanished. Gee, that’s quite surprising, eh?

Here’s what Free State Will said in his very compelling post on X:

I have filed a response to the government’s opposition to my motion to compel production. My latest filing evidences relevance to my case by showing that undercover MPD detained Antifa who were conspiring with John Sullivan, and that bodycams are missing.

He also included this image.

In another earlier post, he revealed this:

I have filed a motion to compel the government to produce all materials related to undercover police at the Capitol on January 6, and to produce missing police body camera recordings. This motion presents new evidence of illicit behavior by undercover police at the Capitol.

And this is the image he shared:


He also shared these two videos, and stated how important bodycam footage is for J6 defendants; as it provides real-time documentation of what happened.

Police bodycams are important to January 6 defenses because they reveal real-time candid assessments.

My motion includes an exhibit of Officer Joseph Young’s recording that captures Officer Pittmon assessing that police had “fucked this shit all the way up.”

Another exhibit features footage from Officer Matthew Fleming that shows officers being ordered by their supervisors to let protestors have access to the west terrace door. Afterwards, an officer in the unit says, “I can’t believe they let them in”

Free State Will points out how the Capitol was crawling with undercover cops.

Last November I filed a motion pointing out undercover police urged J6 protestors to advance up the steps to the Capitol. The government finally produced two of Leiva’s recordings in April. The footage is completely black for 5 minutes as Leiva and Callahan walked up the steps.

Not only did Officer Tomasula urge protestors to advance up the steps to the Capitol, he also infiltrated the Proud Boys in December 2020, used department funds to buy Proud Boys gear, and passed intel to the FBI. The government is hiding 90 fully redacted pages of text messages between Tomasula and the Proud Boys.

The more you go down this rabbit hole, the stranger and sloppier the feds seem to get.

A recently disclosed MPD internal investigation revealed that Detective Ricardo Leiva observed people breaking glass windows at the Capitol, and ran up to them saying, “hey what’s up man, you’re doing an amazing job, awesome awesome awesome.”

Leiva claims he recorded this, but the recording has not been produced in discovery.

Detective Callahan was also recording on J6, but MPD claims he did not have a recording device with him on J6, even though video clearly shows him holding a cell phone. No footage has been produced for Callahan.

The infamous “fence cutter” appears to be rather cozy with alleged undercover cops, as well.

Undercover officer Ryan Roe noted that he was using a Canon XA40 to film on January 6. Thanks to a viral thread that shows a man holding the same model of camera, I have been able to identify Roe in the crowd.

By synchronizing sealed footage from @Twinity5’s January 7, 2021 viral thread, I discovered that undercover officer Ryan Roe thanked #FenceCutterBulwark as he removed fencing. “Appreciate it brother,” said Roe, as Twinity5 captured this frame.

Now, talking about the fence cutter, he was undeniably making “storming the Capitol” a whole lot easier. But here’s the real head-scratcher – why hasn’t the law caught up with him yet? A user who goes by the  name “Zudotoji” is wondering the same thing.

Thread: Some strange things I observed at the protest yesterday, and things I subsequently found in the background of my photos and videos. This could all be nothing, but I think significant enough to get some more eyes on them.

1) First off, I watched this plain clothes (no MAGA gear like most) guy go around and methodically cut down all the fences and pull out their posts by himself. Maybe he’s just helpful?

He also shared these images.

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