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via Twitchy:

We KNEW Loudoun County was bad … we had no idea how bad though.
As Twitchy readers know, a story broke Monday about a ninth-grade girl who was allegedly raped by ‘a boy in a skirt’ who was allowed in her bathroom because of Loudoun County’s transgender policies. The story itself is just awful:

Fight For Schools is a local parent group in Virginia led by Ian Prior who has been fighting CRT and other inappropriate policies in the school district, and they have been on the ground with all of this from the get-go. They released their own thread about what happened with Smith and his daughter … and even mention that this could have happened to another student as well.
Take a look:
They told him they would handle the incident IN HOUSE?
Oh, Hell no.


Parents had no idea what had happened.
Just that there was an incident.


We’re sadly not shocked by this because it’s these people that have been forming lists of parents to destroy if they don’t support CRT.


And of course, Smith is the bad guy because our media sucks.

Pushed for jail time FOR THE DAD after he was told his daughter lied about being raped.
Infuriating, yes?
OH, and about that county prosecutor:

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