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By Maurice Richards

Joe Biden, the military-industrial-congressional complex, State Department neocons, the War Party comprised of all Democrats and many corporate Republicans, and Western globalist elites have the United States and NATO in a Ukrainian proxy war against Russia. The warmongers are obsessed with destroying Russia. To achieve it, they are determined to fight to the last Ukrainian.
In eight months, Congress has wasted $69 billion of American taxpayer money to fund their proxy war. That’s about $8 billion more than Russia’s entire annual military budget. And to the delight of the American arms industry, there is no end in sight. Biden is soon expected to request another $50 billion.
Meanwhile, Biden and Congress have betrayed the American people—doing next to nothing to solve the crises of inflation, self-inflicted shortages of fuel and food, an invasion of five-and-a-half million illegal aliens, out-of-control violent crime, and a fentanyl epidemic imported from China and Mexico that is killing 100,000 Americans every year.
In May, 11 Republican senators and 57 GOP members of the House had the courage to support the interests of Americans and vote against continuing to fund the Ukrainian boondoggle. They were vilified by the warmongers as being “soft on Putin.” Since then, the entire Democratic Party, including its so-called leftist progressives and corporate Republicans, have only reaffirmed their subservience to the permanent war agenda.
The Ukraine war goals of the U.S. military-industrial-congressional complex and the Western globalist elites do absolutely nothing to serve the interests of the American people. But so far, pro-war propaganda has brainwashed a large segment of the American people into supporting the warmongers. But the truth is slowly coming out. Fake news lies perpetuating this disaster are being debunked by American patriots, including Tucker Carlson, retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, and former United Nations weapon inspector and U.S. Marine Scott Ritter.
Separating Facts from Propaganda
Ukraine is the most corrupt nation in Europe. Senate warmongers in May were quick to shoot down Senator Rand Paul’s proposed amendment to include an Inspector General to establish minimal accountability for the delivery of $40 billion in aid. They should have listened to Rand Paul. A now-censored CBS report revealed that, due to theft and corruption, only 30 percent of American equipment ever reaches the Ukrainian frontlines. Criminal gangs across Europe are already trafficking the arms on the black market.
Contrary to Western media disinformation, Ukraine has already lost the war. The fact is that from the start of the conflict, Russia has been fighting at a one-to-three manpower disadvantage. Despite the handicap, Russia has been inflicting a minimum of 600 to 1,500 casualties a day on the Ukrainian army, taken 20 percent of the country, and is dismantling its power grid. Ukraine has lost 100,000 soldiers so far.
Now, because of its partial mobilization, Russia is drastically changing the odds—and in the coming weeks will deploy 300,000 army reservists along with 70,000 new volunteers. The Russian withdrawals in the Kharkov and Kherson regions, hyped by Western media as devastating Russian defeats—are nothing of the kind. These are instead short-term tactical realignments designed to minimize casualties by the still-temporarily-outnumbered Russian forces. Unless Joe Biden and NATO launch World War III with a direct military intervention—the remnants of the Ukrainian army will be destroyed by spring or summer.
Biden’s Sanctions Have Backfired
The globalists’ economic sanctions were designed to crush Russia—they failed and have boomeranged on the West. Biden declared that “As a result of our unprecedented sanctions, the ruble was almost immediately reduced to rubble.” That soundbite hasn’t aged well—the Russian ruble is now the world’s best-performing currency.
Biden also proclaimed that in punishing Russia, we too will have to pay the price of sanctions. He wasn’t kidding. Food and energy sanctions have also completely backfired. Instead of crippling Russia’s economy, they are destroying Western Europe and America with growing inflation, skyrocketing fuel, food, and energy price hikes, and shortages. Russia is coming out of recession now—we are sinking from recession into depression.
In Western Europe, energy prices have increased by as much as 1,000 percent. Thousands of people are expected to freeze to death if Europe has a long, cold winter. Europeans now scavenge forests for loose pieces of firewood. In Poland, people are burning garbage to heat their homes.
The terrorist sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, presaged with threats from Biden and Victoria Nuland, and almost certainly perpetrated by the United States and/or Britain, will deindustrialize Germany—reducing it to a Third World economy.
This economic catastrophe has not been caused by “Putin’s war”—it is the result of “Biden’s sanctions.” While sanctions have devastated average people and destabilized the economies of Europe and the United States, the Russians have doubled their oil and gas profits. Russia has abundant heat, fuel, and food for its entire population.
The Brink of Nuclear War
Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Biden have pushed us to the precipice of nuclear destruction. Zelenskyy has demanded that NATO launch a preemptive nuclear attack against Russia. Biden recklessly backed up this lunacy, acknowledging that we are on the verge of nuclear “Armageddon.” The political establishment and the media have gone along quietly with this insanity. The possibility still exists of a false flag detonation of a radioactive “dirty bomb” by Ukraine to finally trigger direct military intervention by the United States and NATO.
Biden took another step to provoke world war by sending 4,700 soldiers of the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division to Romania in a “combat deployment.” American troops are conducting live-fire combat exercises only three miles from Ukraine and are “fully prepared” to cross the border to fight a war against Russia.
And now, Biden has deployed American troops inside Ukraine. Their stated mission in the warzone is that of “military inspectors,” but as with American “advisors” in Vietnam, that could change in a heartbeat. The warmongers will push for a full-scale military intervention with the first American death.
The risk of a world war is real. Retired General and former CIA Director David Petraeus  proposed that the United States lead a multinational force inside Ukraine to fight the Russians. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg dropped any pretense that this isn’t a proxy war, declaring “Russia’s victory in the war in Ukraine will be a defeat for NATO. This cannot be allowed to happen.”
Ukraine, the United States, and NATO Have Sabotaged Peace
As early as 2015, the Minsk Protocols provided a diplomatic path for peace. This was undermined by the bad faith of two Ukrainian presidents, the coup-installed Petro Poroshenko and his successor, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Poroshenko has admitted that signing the agreements was a ruse to buy time for the United States and NATO to arm Ukraine and train its army. Zelenskyy was elected largely on his pledge to implement the peace accords, but he quickly subverted them with his embrace of Nazi political factions.
Tragically for the people of Ukraine, the goals of the United States and NATO have nothing to do with their interests. The cynicism is bipartisan. Biden has made it clear that his goal is to overthrow Putin. Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), the GOP’s leading chickenhawk, has called for Putin’s assassination. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has declared that our mission is to weaken Russia and if necessary, support a Ukrainian war “for years.” To the last Ukrainian.
This is why last April, the United States and Great Britain sabotaged a tentative peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia. This war could have ended seven months ago. But a peaceful settlement is not a U.S. and NATO objective—they want another endless war to either defeat or punish Russia so badly that Vladimir Putin will be overthrown.
Experts think that’s not going to happen. What will happen is that tens of thousands more Ukrainian soldiers and thousands more Russian soldiers will be needlessly killed. The United States and NATO’s continued insistence that negotiation is not an option will result in Ukraine’s destruction.
What about the arguments the warmongers use to justify their proxy war in Ukraine? Their justification is based upon two claims—that in Ukraine we are defending a sovereign nation and that Ukraine is a democracy. The truth is Ukraine is neither.
Ukraine is Not a Sovereign Nation 
Ukraine ceased being an autonomous country in 2014 when the United States directed the violent coup d’état that overthrew the democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych.  The war in Ukraine didn’t start in February 2022—it started in February 2014 with the “Maidan Revolution,” a   highly organized, well-funded, and heavily armed coup against the pro-Moscow government in which snipers on rooftops surrounding Maidan Square shot and killed more than 100 policemen and protesters. Ukrainians blamed the Yanukovych government for the killings and supported his overthrow. The coup was financed by criminal Ukrainian oligarchs and supported by George Soros with his powerful Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was one of the plot’s masterminds. The arch-neocon was recorded on the phone discussing which Ukrainian traitor she would choose as the new president. Nuland acknowledged that Vice President Joe Biden had the final approval. She remains a key figure in the Biden Administration’s State Department.
The United States installed a client regime and the Nazification of Ukraine kicked into high gear. A reign of terror was unleashed, burning alive dozens of ethnic Russians in Odessa and other cities and killing 14,000 in the Donbass.
All successive Ukrainian regimes have been puppets of the United States, NATO, and Western globalist elites.
Since 2014, the embrace of Nazi ideology and the power and influence of Nazi political parties and organizations have increased with each successive government—attaining its height under President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Ukrainian Nazis now infiltrate every level of the government and military.
Ukraine Is Not a Democracy
previously documented in American Greatness that Ukraine is a de facto Nazi state.  
Here’s a brief history and short list of Nazi power and influence in Ukraine:

  • Zelenskyy has banned all 11 independent and opposition political parties—but hasn’t touched his Nazi partners and allies. Pro-Nazi parties and groups like the Azov National Corps, Svoboda, Right Sektor, and C14 remain free to organize, agitate, recruit, and expand their influence.
  • Zelenskyy seized almost all media to control information and prevent dissent. He used authoritarian powers to combine all national TV channels into a single platform to create a “unified information policy.”
  • Zelenskyy ordered the arrest of Viktor Medvedchuk, his primary political rival. Medvedchuk was charged with treason even though his now-banned Patriots for Life Party had condemned the Russian invasion.
  • Zelenskyy is directing a campaign of assassination, kidnapping and torture of dissidents and political opposition. The SBU (Ukrainian secret police) and Azov have hunted down and murdered mayors and other local officials who accepted Russian humanitarian aid or negotiated safe passage corridors for their town’s residents.

Celebrating Ukraine’s Nazi Roots
Nazism in Ukraine has deep historical rootsStepan Bandera is the founding father of Ukrainian Nazism and its leading German collaborator during World War II. Bandera led the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), which was responsible for the murder of 200,000 Jews, Russians, and Poles. Many Ukrainians collaborated with the Nazi Germans—one in every four Jewish victims of the Holocaust—some 1.5 million people—was murdered in Ukraine.
Bandera’s birthday is now a national holiday. And reminiscent of the German soldiers of the Third Reich, Ukrainian paratroopers now enthusiastically sing “Bandera is our Father . . .” to worship their Nazi hero.
Desecration of Holocaust memorials and marches honoring World War II Nazi German dead are regular events. Ukrainian children are indoctrinated to hate and kill ethnic Russians at Nazi youth camps.
Under Zelenskyyy, the glorification of Bandera and other Nazis has reached its highest level. Hundreds of streets and parks have been renamed after them and dozens of statues and monumenthave been erected in their honor.
The Azov Battalion—Pure Nazis
Ukraine is saturated with Nazi militias, organizations, and political parties. The most notorious is the Azov Battalion. Its ideology, symbols, and insignias are genuinely Hitlerian. Azov’s stated mission is to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade . . . against Semite-led Untermenschen [sub humans].” Their savage war crimes are well documented.
Now a part of Ukraine’s national guard, the Azov Battalion and other Nazi groups are the only Nazi military formations in the world to be formally incorporated into a nation’s armed forces. The Azov Battalion’s street fighting wing has been absorbed into the national police.

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