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It doesn’t bother me that students staged a walkout over gun violence this week. It doesn’t bother me that many high school students are pro-gun control. They’re kids and they’re trying to figure out where they stand on things. What does bother me is that the public school system is very selective about the political speech it chooses to allow. I would wager that their tolerance for ideological demonstration would rapidly deteriorate if it weren’t for the fact that so many teachers and administrators personally agree with the point the students were making.

But I welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong. That is why I am calling for a pro-life walkout. After all, far more kids are killed by scalpels in abortion clinics than by AR-15s in the classroom. Why stop short in the anti-violence message? Why fight for the dozens of children killed in mass shootings while ignoring the millions of children killed by abortionists?

Let the schools prove that they really are so happy and proud to see kids taking a stand and getting involved in the issues. Let’s have pro-life students use their voices to speak out for the kids who truly cannot speak for themselves, and let’s force the schools to play host to this demonstration just as they did so willingly for the anti-gun crowd.

Perhaps the students can walkout for 3000 seconds — one second for every baby killed by abortion in a single day. Just a suggestion.

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