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by Kurt Schlichter

Who says we can’t build bridges with the commie-loving, groomer-excusing, weather-worshiping race freaks of the left? We both seem to agree on one thing – all good and patriotic Americans need to take action to ensure that this pedo-curious, race-obsessed band of Marxist weirdos gets its collective Schumer kicked next November. Well, I think we agree on that. I know I do, and I know you do – we want to see them suffer total repudiation and more humiliation than even a Bulwark staffer can get into. But what is odd is that they seem to want the same thing.


After all, they are doing everything they can to drive every decent American away from the garbage Democrat Party.


Who knows why it is? Maybe the Democrats have a death wish. We certainly wish that motley collection of campus collectivists, welfare cheats, and fringy enablers would expire and be replaced with some kind of opposition party that at least agrees that it likes America and that children shouldn’t be chatted up by skeevy molesters with education degrees and nose rings. But if the Democrat Party does not have a death wish, it begs the question of what the Democrats would do differently if they did.


After all, the last year under that desiccated old crustacean installed as president by a combination of outright fraud, illegal election shenanigans, and unprecedented institutional intervention has been one example after another of the party trying to screw over normal people in favor of the most bizarre mini-constituencies within its shabby coalition. It’s an innovative strategy to try to win by disgusting and repelling most voters, and we will see how it works out. My guess is poorly. Maybe these people are trying to fail, and if they are trying to fail, then congratulations – they have finally managed to do something successfully.


The Democrat’s 2022 congressional polls are dire, with numbers as foul as the interior of Eric Swalwell’s Prius on the way home from a chili cook-off at Fang Fang’s condo. And the Democrats refuse to crack a window. They are hotboxing a Republican wave so mighty that even the Republicans can’t screw it up.


Let’s review.


They opened the border because the faculty lounge left wanted to, and suddenly, the Deep Blue Rio Grande Valley is turning red. Turns out that even Democrats don’t want to drown in a tsunami of Third World illegals. Now, if the rich snobs who run the Democrat Party actually knew any Hispanic – oops, I mean “Latinx” people – who are not either illegals providing them cheap labor or beret-wearing Aztlan fetishists they met at Yale, then they would understand why these proud, patriotic Americans are infuriated by illegals flooding over the border and are now flooding into the GOP. Remember 20 years ago and all the talk about the emerging Democrat majority? Well, that was supposed to be driven by Latinx people, except Latinx people think “Latinx” is dumber than Mazie Hirono and Sheldon Whitehouse’s love child. The Democrat elite took Hispanics for granted – talk about condescension – and Hispanics took off.



Oh, and now the administration’s plan is to throw the gates open even wider. Panic-stricken Dems running in 2022 are livid, but the party is serenely plowing ahead and plowing their candidates under. They will tell themselves that, like the white working class, the hip cool new Democrats can do without Hispanics too. After all, it’s pretty clear that by not liking illegal aliens Hispanics are hopelessly racist too.


And let’s not forget the criminals and its sub-set of pedophiles. Embracing those seems edgy and exciting to the gentry libs with the Volvos and the gated communities. To normal people, not so much. Democrats are the ones who let the bum drop his processed dinner on your lawn. Democrats are the ones who excuse gangs of thieves rampaging through your Target. And Democrats are the ones voting for a Supreme Court nominee who thinks that dudes into pictures of naked kids are no biggie. That may sell in Santa Monica or Manhattan, but it does not sell in America.


No, the pedo thing is not good. Cunning Ron DeSantis managed to maneuver the Democrats and their corporate cronies into taking a brave stand in favor of letting creeps use elementary schools as a Tinder for little kids. That drew outrage from the degenerate twenty-somethings who now seem to make up a good chunk of the Disney work force. Everyone else was like “Well, of course teachers shouldn’t be telling kindergartners about sexual identities or anything else except “This is a circle” and how “cat is spelled C-A-T.”


There’s more. Gas will hit $10 this summer, but they still won’t drill. Further, as a sacrifice to the angry climate gods, we must now ride buses like suckers and eat bugs. That’s going to go over great.

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