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The liberals of New York cheered after Cuomo signed a law, essentially giving women the “right” to murder their baby right up until birth. It’s absolutely sickening.

They lit it pink to “celebrate” murdering children.

It gets worse. This law is now benefitting straight up murderers.

Via The New York Post:

Prosecutors initially included a charge of abortion against the Queens man arrested Friday in his pregnant girlfriend’s murder — but rescinded it because of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new Reproductive Health Act.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown sent out a press release saying Anthony Hobson, 48, would be charged with second-degree abortion as well as murder in Sunday’s fatal stabbing of Jennifer Irigoyen, 35.

But a DA spokeswoman later told The Post that the abortion charge “was repealed by the Legislature, and this is the law as it exists today.”

One minute, the baby was a legitimate human who deserved justice, but now ANYONE can kill their baby, so LOLZ no abortion charge.

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