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Guy Benson:

An growing roster of Republican candidates across the country are embracing Gov. Bobby Jindal’s proposal to make birth control pills available for adult women over-the-counter, without a prescription.  This trend is tossing a wrench into the Left’s paint-by-numbers attack strategy of painting the GOP as obsessed with “restricting access” to birth control — which nobody was advocating anyway.*  The idea is to bombard young women with multimillion-dollar ad campaigns in order to scare them with this fiction, thus shoring up Democrats’ wide advantage within the key demographic.  But now that Republicans are backing plans that do precisely the opposite of limiting women’s access to contraception, Democrats and their allies are…actively opposing that idea, too.  Surreal:


That’s a Planned Parenthood ad currently running in Colorado.  The group is furiously denouncing Rep. Cory Gardner’s proposal to expand women’s access to birth control,casting his idea as a blow to women’s pocketbooks, to the tune of “$600 per year.” (Er, generic brand birth control pills are available for $9.00 per month … without insurance, and drugs tend to get cheaper when made available OTC).  Here we have the self-professed champions of birth control access working to defeat a plan to extend birth control access.  Why?  Follow the money.  First off, abortion is big business for Planned Parenthood, so they’re willing to do whatever it takes to elect politicians who share their extreme, unlimited abortion-on-demand agenda. And as Ben Domenech notes at The Federalist, the organization’s financial self-interest doesn’t end there:

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