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Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin

It’s all or nothing for Democrats, Leftists (BLM, etc.), the Media, GOP traitors, etc. and let me explain. They are so desperate, that almost nothing short of war is going to make them back up. All of them have come out and stated clearly Biden has won the election.

They’re all in. If the investigation points to election fraud as the reason for Biden’s “win”, all hell is going to break loose. The perpetrators and the ones who supported them HAVE to be punished, or this will become the norm for all major elections in the future. They know that. They also know the Trump supporters will MAKE SURE THEY PAY for what they’ve done. Media outlet properties will suffer extensive damage, individuals involved will not be able to go out in public without MASSIVE security details. “Protesters” will be faced off and beaten. There is not enough law enforcement and no “One Riot, One Ranger” type crappy ideas that will stop that many millions of enraged people. Look at the historic revolt against Porfirio Diaz in Mexico in history for a reminder. His Federal troops killed a LOT of people in the Zocalo square when the crowds gathered to demand he leave…and the thousands of others just stood there. The troops retreated and Porfirio fled.

They HAVE to win this with everything they have said and done or absolute, total consequence is going to arrive at their doors. They can NOT face a society which has been awakened with a “Dewey Defeats Truman” lie that they perpetrated. They will not be able to stand and everyone connected to them in the government and law enforcement will pay a price, and they know it. They’re not going to admit it, but most of them are terrified.

Next, they have to go after ALL major Republican players in this theater to make an example for the masses to try and dissuade them from attacking. If Biden wins, the exact opposite is going to happen to the other side. That’s why Fox News switched. They are trying to protect their properties. With extreme, prejudiced dishonesty, the Democrats, BLMers/Anti-fa, GOP traitors and the Media in their thirst for power have brought us to the very brink of civil war, and THEY ARE afraid of what might happen. There no longer remains middle ground, no matter what anyone or entity says. Because of evil motives, some very bad players and have brought us to a horrible end point. May God, through His infinite power, repay them for what they’ve done.

The fraud in this election is so evident, BOTH sides know that cheating occurred. When I taught school, catching a student cheating was one of the WORST things a teacher has to deal with. You have to get it stopped, but all hell is going to break loose with their parents, friends and politicians in the community based on relationships. It’s a horrible mess forever.

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