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If you are smashing stuff up, yelling anti-capitalist slogans, wearing name brand clothing, and don’t know why, it must be #SEAMayDay
Jared Kail (@SledHeadJed) May 02, 2013

Ah, yes. So rich. So very, very rich.

Which reminded us:

#SEAmayday #mayday 2012 memories: Vandals in downtown #Seattle smashing Niketown…wearing Nikes!
Andy Karuza (@AndyKaruza) May 02, 2013

I’ll never forget the image from the WTO tantrum: A kid climbing up on the Niketown sign, kicking it…wearing Nikes. #seamayday
CorrComm (aka C2) (@corrcomm) May 02, 2013

Flashback May 1, 2012:

Rich. RT @KIRO7Seattle: PHOTO: Was one of the people who smashed windows at Niketown wearing Nike shoes? #seamayday
Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 01, 2012

And fast forward to May 1, 2013:

Guy holding a rock (clearly intending to throw it) while wearing a peace sign shirt. #Seamaydayprotests—
Mary Dreves (@Marydreves) May 02, 2013

NWCN anchor” They say they’re protesting capitalism all while wearing Northface jackets and brand-name sneakers.” Love him #seattle #MayDay
Teresa Graves (@MGoesler) May 02, 2013

Love Seattle Protesters, claims to be anti-capitalist yet protesters are wearing $200 Shoes & $300 Backpacks, yep they believe in the cause—
Jeffrey W. Roach (@jnjroach) May 02, 2013

May Day Seattle Hippies ” Get your capitalist cameras out if our face” … as they are recording the march on their own Iphone #Facepalm
Jason Knox (@KNOXTOX) May 02, 2013

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