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The mainstream media (news and entertainment) in this country have spent the past three years caterwauling about President Trump’s treatment of them. They bristle at the merest suggestion that they have been derelict in their duty.

In their telling of the story, they are brave souls, the lone purveyors of truth, and the only things standing between ORANGE MAN BAD and the utter demise of the Republic.

In reality, it turns out that they’re just a bunch of depraved sexual predator and pervert protectors.

The revelation that ABC News sat on the sordid Jeffrey Epstein story is shocking enough on its own, but it’s merely the latest in distressing tale of Big Three Network entertainment and news divisions running interference for predators.

Amy Robach’s backtracking, cover her you-know-what statement recycled the same “didn’t meet our standards” nonsense that NBC used to excuse themselves for burying Ronan Farrow’s reporting on Harvey Weinstein.

In the latter case, it was Weinstein himself who was powerful and making everyone nervous.

Epstein, on the other hand, had powerful connections who — based on Robach’s statement — continue to strike fear in the hearts of the brave journalists of America.

NBC’s claim was laughable, and it’s still dogging them two years later. In fact, just as Project Veritas was releasing the Robach bombshell, The Washington Post published an article excoriating NBC for not having dealt with its original failure with Farrow’s reporting.

Robach’s frustration in the Project Veritas video isn’t with the “standards,” so that dog isn’t going to hunt for very long. Nobody is even using the lame “doctored video” excuse this time around.

Although ABC and NBC are in the news right now, CBS isn’t off the hook due to its Les Moonves saga, obviously.

News and entertainment divisions at the Big Three Networks have been blurred by leftists for so long that there is very little chance that rumors from one aren’t known by the other. I was only on the periphery of the television industry when I was in Los Angeles and I heard whispers about Moonves years ago.

One incident is horrible. Two indicate the potential presence of a pattern. What we’ve seen in the last couple of years is a culture. A culture that existed because leftists protect their own no matter what. The Me Too cascade only happened because Weinstein was kind of a monster.

A most important point has been made by many in the past 24 hours. These news organizations whose “standards” prevented them from outing a serial sexual predator and a pedophile had no problem with airing every unsubstantiated bit of hearsay about Brett Kavanaugh in an attempt to ruin his career and life.

So, cool story about the standards, bro, but nobody sane is buying it.

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