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According to a John Solomon Reports podcast on President Trump’s move to declassify all documents in the Russia probe, Steele, a former British intelligence officer, “reveals that he got to that sub source, that sub source was delivered to him by one of the most famous impeachment witnesses against Donald Trump. Fiona Hill.”

“She, according to Christopher Steele’s debriefings, was the person that connected Christopher Steele to his primary sub source for the dossier and he later, according to Christopher Steele, he tells Fiona Hill that that sub source, that person that she had connected to him is part of the reason why the dossier became the dossier,” he adds.

The source was “the one that the FBI subsequently interviewed and said Christopher Steel’s representations weren’t true, they were made up, it was bar talk, I never intended it to be FBI information.”

Solomon notes the absurdity that “someone that would testify against the president in the 2019/2020 impeachment proceedings had an earlier role getting Christopher Steele on his dirty dossier.”

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