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Matt Walsh:

So, yeah, Azealia Banks sent me a close up photo of her genitals. That did happen.

But let’s back up for a moment.

I intended for my Azealia Banks piece to be the end of the conversation. She went out of her way to detail her bigotry and hatred for America, and I responded. Simple. Fair.

Some of you said I shouldn’t have responded, but I think you’re wrong. In fact, that attitude is precisely the problem. Progressives have built a narrative that paints this country as some kind of oppressive system meant to subjugate minorities and women. They support that narrative by taking every instance of white racism and sexism, or perceived racism and sexism, and making it into a federal case. Conservatives could present plenty of examples to the contrary, but we don’t, and therefore progressives control the narrative. And their narrative is working. They’re winning. People believe them.

So a black liberal woman goes on Playboy and acts like a drooling, misandrist, racist, spiteful bigot? And the media acts like her viewpoint is totally cool and understandable? You are damn right I’m going to call attention to that. Besides, she’s more famous than me. Any publicity I bring to her won’t help her bottom line. I’m not worried about accidentally helping her sell records. You guys aren’t going to be downloading any Azealia Banks tunes, will you? Yeah, you know about her now because of me, and you know she’s a racist incoherent clown, and you should know that.

Anyway, that’s how we ended up here. And ‘here’ is a place where Banks decided to respond to my piece by sending me a picture of her genitals.

Stop, if you will, and imagine that a white male pop star sent a picture of his penis to a black female blogger who criticized him? You think that would maybe get a little attention? You think he’d probably be made to answer for it? You think he’d even probably be sued and boycotted and all the rest? Of course. That won’t happen here, but I’m certainly not going to let her do that and go on pretending it didn’t happen.

And as we speak, she is now tweeting sexually explicit comments about me to my wife. Yes, that is also happening. Ignore it? No, I don’t ignore things like that. I’m not going to run away and shut up, like she expects me to do. Especially now that she’s dragged my wife into thus.

And I want any of her fans who have a conscience to know what sort of human being they’re supporting.

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