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The House Oversight Committee on Thursday demanded that Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) John Kerry release documents pertaining to his negotiations with the Chinese Communist Party.
In a letter obtained by National Review, committee chairman James Comer (R., Ky.) accuses Kerry of using his SPEC role — a cabinet-level position that was created by President Biden and does not require Senate confirmation — to engage “in activities that could undermine our economic health, skirt congressional authority, and threaten foreign policy under the guise of climate advocacy.”
The Thursday letter represents the second such request for documents related to Kerry’s climate negotiations with America’s chief geopolitical rival; it was sent after Kerry ignored an initial request sent by Comer during the last Congress, according to Comer’s office.
Kerry has come under fire from the GOP for dismissing the CCP’s egregious human rights record and antagonism toward the U.S. in order to prioritize climate-change mitigation efforts. He has argued China’s abuses should be decoupled from climate agreements in which the U.S. and China would be co-partners.
In May 2022, Kerry told the Associated Press that he was working with the CCP to establish a group to collaborate on reducing carbon emissions.
“My hope is that President Biden said very clearly, and President Xi agreed, in their first conversation, that climate should not be part of the bilateral differences between our countries,” Kerry said in an October interview with the Council on Foreign Relations.

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