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by Mary Chastain

Congress lifted the mask requirement on the House floor on Monday, the day before Biden gives his State of the Union.
I’m laughing. SCIENCE!
The members who attend must have a COVID test before entering the chambers. The mask is optional.
Pelosi instilled strict mask rules in July 2021. She threatened to have the Capitol police arrest house staffers and visitors who break the mask mandate. She fined House members who did not wear a mask on the floor.
In early February, Pelosi threatened to remove SOTU attendees who did not abide by the social distancing and mask rules.
But now it’s okay…because Biden’s polling reflects the crap job he has done across the board.
The science, though. The science! Leslie blogged about the CDC changing its mask guidelines. Everyone knows the CDC changed the guidelines to provide cover for Biden’s awful presidency.

It’s never been about science. It’s always been about politics. Politico admitted the Democrats’ change of heart on masks is a farce.
Now Biden can attempt to take a victory lap like the one he tried to do on July 4th.

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