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Lefty social justice billionaires really having a thing for ripping off minorities with subprime mortgage scams… for social justice. There were the Sandlers, who helped cause with financial crisis and used their ill-gotten gains to fund the Center for American Progress. And, unsurprisingly, Warren Buffett is riding the same bus to social justice hell.

The company is controlled by Warren Buffett, one of the world’s richest men, but its methods hardly match Buffett’s honest, folksy image: Clayton systematically pursues unwitting minority homebuyers and baits them into costly subprime loans, many of which are doomed to fail.

I’m shocked, shocked that a lefty social justice warrior is really exploiting minorities. It’s the most unexpected news since that sex offender going on a rampage.

Clayton’s predatory practices have damaged minority communities — from rural black enclaves in the Louisiana Delta, across Spanish-speaking swaths of Texas, to Native American reservations in the Southwest. Many customers end up losing their homes, thousands of dollars in down payments, or even land they’d owned outright.

But Hillary Clinton got paid, so it’s fine.

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