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Ed Morrissey:

This clip from Hillary Clinton’s latest interaction on the campaign trail is either The Worst Thing Ever, The Biggest Non-Event Ever, or the biggest flip-flop on immigration policy in the 2016 cycle. Shoshana Weissmann captured the magical moment for the conservative PAC America Rising, although “moments” may be more appropriate:

Our colleagues at Twitchy had fun rounding up reactions on Twitter, most of which split into two categories. One, personified by our friend and former colleague Noah Rothman, argued that this would be on continuous mainstream-media loop if a Republican presidential candidate had done this. The other thread of response is that this shows how haughty Hillary is with ordinary people, and demonstrates her weakness at retail politicking.

Well, maybe, at least on the second count. If Scott Walker told a woman to get to the back of the line, there would be a Media Freakout on the Binders Full Of Women magnitude, to be sure. Like it or not, that wouldn’t apply if Carly Fiorina said it, although it might be used to attack the former CEO on the basis of her attitude toward workers, or something.

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