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by Kyle Drennen

On Monday, MSNBC repeatedly invited Yale University professor and Democratic Party donor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld on to promote an effort by him and fellow partisan activists to pressure corporate CEOs into blocking election reform legislation advanced by Republicans across the country. Hosts on the DNC propaganda channel were thrilled that the company heads were so easily manipulated into doing the left’s bidding.
“More than a hundred corporate CEOs, attorneys, and experts came together this weekend to discuss next steps in fighting bills that restrict voting,” Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski gleefully proclaimed late in the show’s 7:00 a.m. ET hour. She noted how the conference call “comes in response to Georgia’s controversial election law, and legislation like it, making its way through statehouses across the country,” and touted: “Ideas discussed included pulling donations, public statements, and support for legislation on the national level.”
Brzezinski then enthusiastically welcomed Sonnenfeld on the program: “Our next guest is the person who organized the meeting, Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies and Professor of Leadership Practice at Yale’s School of Management, Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld.” During that gracious introduction, she forget to mention that Sonnenfeld was also a consistent Democratic Party donor who gave thousands to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.
Sonnefeld assured viewers that “these business leaders don’t want to be defined by any political identity,” are “very centrist players,” and “hate these wedge issues that divide society.” He then laughably claimed the CEOs were as “centrist” as Brzezinski’s co-host and husband Joe Scarborough.

Near the end of the segment, Sonnenfeld declared that company executives were more trusted that religious institutions or the very media outlet he was appearing on: “…the importance of business leaders being a pillar of trust in American society, as sadly the media, journalists, the clergy, and public officials have fallen by the wayside. Only the military is more respected than CEOs these days in terms of public trust, in everybody’s survey. And they want to exercise that voice.

Joining MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle during her 9:00 a.m. ET hour show, Sonnenfeld rattled off some of his fellow so-called “experts” who worked to “educate” the CEOs about GOP voting reforms:


Well, it’s interesting, a lot of them [the CEOs] wanted to unravel some of the muddiness that was created intentionally about the Georgia legislation, for example. And we had a legal expert, Michael Waldman, of the Brennan Center on Justice and political historian Tim Snyder, and others there, to go through the details of this….So a lot of it was educational. What’s coming up, and we have a lot of documentation and a lot of discussion, about what is factually in these other states….Brad Karp, the chairman of Paul, Weiss, one of the nation’s premiere law firms, bonded together the nation’s 60 largest law firms – trying to get the 100 largest law firms together – but he already has S.W.A.T. teams ready now to go state by state, starting immediately, if there are battles where they need election law expertise to fortify this.

Like Sonnenfeld himself, every single person he mentioned were also steadfast Democratic Party donors. In addition to working for the leftist Brennan Center, the “legal expert” Sonnenfeld cited, Michael Waldman, was a Bill Clinton speechwriter and has given thousands to Democratic candidates over the years. Sonnenfeld’s Yale colleague Tim Snyder has also been a reliable source of financial support for the DNC. Finally, attorney Brad Karp, the one sending legal “S.W.A.T. teams” around the country, has written many checks to many Democrats.

Conveniently, Ruhle ignored all of these partisan political affiliations and just pretended Sonnenfeld and his lefty buddies were doing a public service.

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