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Well that’s no big deal. Fox News’ impartial journalist Chris Wallace told me, at a debate he was moderating, that Critical Race Theory was just “racial sensitivity training.” (By the way: He also asserted — slanderously and “Without Evidence,” as his pals at CNN would chyron it — that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist. He didn’t say that directly, but suggested in claiming the “violence in Kenosha” was caused by “white supremacists.”)
The Department of Education was just caught linking to the Abolitionist Teaching Network, which pushes various CRT claims, like whiteness is, in and of itself, “oppression.”

A probe into the Biden administration will reveal that government officials “are intimately involved with critical race theory” and the ideology’s advocates, a former top Trump administration official told Fox News in an exclusive interview.Russ Vought, the former Office of Management and Budget director, last week demanded the Department of Education hand over records that could potentially show ties between the Biden administration and the Abolitionist Teaching Network, a pro-critical race theory group.
“We want to know the extent to which the connections are there within the federal bureaucracy,” Vought, who now heads the Center for Renewing America, a conservative think tank, told Fox News.
“I think what it’s going to reveal is that Biden administration officials are intimately involved with critical race theory, that they are tracking with many of the influential people in the critical race theory community,” Vought continued.
The Department of Education, in a handbook intended to help public schools and spend funding provided through the American Rescue Plan, linked to a guide the Abolitionist Teaching Network published. The guide included rhetoric often associated with critical race theory and referred to whiteness as a form of oppression.

Hours after Fox News reported the connection, a Department of Education spokesperson said hours “it was an error” to include the link to the Abolitionist Teaching Network.
“But we believe it’s a little bit more than that,” Vought told Fox News. “They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. This just a reflection of the political poison that is critical race theory.”

Below, Jen Psaki says that “equity,” not equality, is a priority of the Biden Administration.
“Equity” is itself a key goal of CRT — not equality. Equality is about the law treating people equally. Which can result in people either succeeding or failing, per their own merits and according to luck of the draw.
CRT is against “equality” and considers it yet another tool of White Devil Oppression. They want a guarantee of equal outcomes for all, no matter their talents or their efforts. That’s what they call “equity.”
And here’s Jen Psaki making it plain that equity, not equality, is the goal of the US government.

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