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John Nolte:

How many nine-year-old Antonio’s need to die in Chicago before the national media will park its satellite trucks in front of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City Hall and demand answers and action.

How many black people, including black children, need to die in Chicago before the national media stops counting civilian casualties in Gaza as a political weapon against Israel and starts  counting them in one of our own cities.

Overnight in Chicago 10 people were shot. One night. One. How many more until the national media cares enough to look into the root causes of the violence, poverty, despair, terrible schools, and broken families.

There are no question marks after the above questions because those are rhetorical questions.

There is no political upside for the media to do good in Chicago, so they won’t.

There is no number of murdered  children that makes the risks of focusing on the root causes of this violence worth it for the media. You could pile dead Chicago kids like cordwood in front of CNN’s national headquarters; the staffers wouldn’t even notice.

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