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Keith Koffler:

When so-called Republicans line up before the cameras to wince and moan about Donald Trump, they are making one thing more likely — that America as we know her, ceases to exist. The real threat to our freedom and independence, our sovereignty and rule of law, our Constitution and our way of life, is the most ruthless, calculating, deceitful woman in American politics — Hillary Clinton.

That a true socialist has come so close to the nomination of a major party is among the most shocking developments in American history.

The striking thing about today’s Democratic Party, overlooked amid the uproar over Donald Trump’s controversial ascent in the GOP, is how radically and irredeemably leftist it has become. That a true socialist has come so close to the nomination of a major party is among the most shocking developments in American history. Clinton has already been nudged leftward by Bernie Sanders, and the radicalism of what will become her base of support in the general election ensures that she must govern from the left.

Not that the author of Hillarycare in the 1990s is terribly uncomfortable there anyway.

The left, by its very nature, does not recognize checks and balances on power because, while it preaches tolerance of all things, it does not tolerate opposing views. Convinced that its ideas are irrefutably noble and just, the left does not tolerate the opinions of conservatives, who by default must be evil — or just plain stupid. And since the goodness of its position is self-evident, anything that stands in the way of the implementation of the leftist agenda must be cast aside as an unacceptable nuisance. As Malcolm X said: by any means necessary.

Hillary’s careerism and ability to shift on any and every issue to advance herself — gay marriage, the Obama trade pact, the Iraq War (which she voted for before she was against it) — shows that she is a true Democrat: She will say or do anything to justify any action. Her deep dishonesty — a Clinton trademark, it appears — means that once in office, she will, like her predecessor, be more than comfortable with asserting her executive authority to take whatever action she deems “necessary.”

When faced with implacable opposition by the people’s representatives in Congress, President Obama has contemptuously resorted to executive orders, plowing new unconstitutional ground that Clinton will eagerly seize and aggressively expand. The only check on this new, quasi-dictatorial power is the courts, and ultimately, the Supreme Court.

And therein lies Hillary’s trump card, if you will. Because with the power to replace conservative stalwart Antonin Scalia, Clinton will effectively control the Supreme Court, which will then have a majority of left-wing justices who view the Constitution as a quaint 18th-century anachronism badly in need of editing and updating. That is, the Constitution says whatever liberals want it to say, and it will be reinterpreted to allow policies that are urgently “necessary.”

Clinton, who will cement the leftist majority with at least two or three additional appointments, will be able to implement her agenda by fiat. And, by appointing justices in their 40s or 50s, she can ensure her unilateral dictates last a generation or more.

As a liberal like Obama, for whom the ends are so good that means are justified, Clinton will not hesitate to end-run Congress to get her way. When Republicans stymie her, she’ll open the Democratic playbook and pluck out the usual charges of “obstructionism” and failure to “get things done for the American people.”

With Madison, Jefferson, and Hamilton cast into the dustbin of history, Clinton will exercise frightening power and brutally complete Obama’s project of “fundamentally changing the United States of America.”

She will unilaterally legalize millions of immigrants who sneaked into the United States, changing the nation’s culture irrevocably and eviscerating the rule of law. Meantime, these future Democratic voters will relegate Republicans to permanent minority status.

The right of individuals to bear arms, which Clinton has already indicated she does not recognize as embedded in the Constitution, will be ground down to the point where the ability of law-abiding citizens to obtain a firearm will become impossible in a practical sense, even if technically allowable under the law. Last week she said “if” the Second Amendment is part of the Constitution. She apparently does not know.

Objections to any aspect of the LGBT agenda will become illegal as the constitutional right to the free exercise of religion is supplanted by extra-constitutional “human rights” conjured up by leftist ideologues.

Freedom of speech, already informally curtailed by the left’s successful insertion of the “safe space” mentality into the culture over the past several decades, will be subject to legal limits as political correctness is enshrined into law. Casual insults lodged against members of any aggrieved demographic group will be subject to fine and even imprisonment. Political donations, currently — and correctly — held as a form a speech, will become restricted in new ways that will favor Democrats.

The right of “privacy,” found nowhere in the Constitution, will be expanded to eradicate all limits on abortion, at any stage of pregnancy.

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