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by Sundance

With the majority of American voters now positioned to rebuke the political efforts of Joe Biden and federal Democrats, the narrative from the DOJ and FBI does a 180° reverse course.  The transparency of a corrupt and manipulative political justice system is beyond obvious.

  • ♦Old Message to support the 2020 Democrat vote initiatives (ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, precinct manipulation): The 2020 election was the most secure election in American history.
  • ♦New Message to support the Democrat 2022 vote initiatives: The 2022 election is not secure, subject to manipulation by disinformation and misinformation, and likely to encounter interference by domestic and foreign adversaries.

The transparency of the FBI/DOJ agenda is obvious.
15 days before the 2018 midterm election the FBI promoted a “MAGA mail bomber”, Cesar Sayoc case, claiming the suspect mailed “energetic material that could become combustible when subjected to heat or friction.”
15 days before the 2020 presidential election, the FBI promoted the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case, claiming a group of Michigan extremists were foiled in their plot to kidnap the Michigan Governor.  Inside the plot the FBI had used more than a dozen agents, informants and sources to literally construct the events and facilitate the claims.
Today, not coincidentally a repeat of 15 days before the 2022 midterm election, once again the FBI/DOJ is promoting an election interference narrative:

(Via Politico) – Top Biden national security officials are tracking multiple threats to the nation’s election security infrastructure ahead of the midterms and are set to issue warnings, including in an internal intelligence bulletin this week, according to two people familiar with the matter.
The bulletin will lay out details of cyber threats posed by China and Russia, as well as other non-state actors, and potential physical threats to election officials in jurisdictions across the country, the people said. The warnings come as the midterm elections near and amid increasing reports of intimidation at ballot drop boxes. The people requested anonymity to talk freely about sensitive national security and election matters.
The internal administration concerns about election threats come days after a call was held between federal officials and local law enforcement personnel about the midterms, according to one of the people familiar with the matter. Those on the call discussed the potential for violence in response to the spread of false narratives regarding the election process. Officials said election workers, including those working at polling stations, are likely to face threats and harassment from extremists both online and offline, the person familiar with the matter said.
[…] Officials consider misinformation and disinformation the biggest threats to the midterms, given how easy it would be for malicious actors — whether domestic partisans or foreign intelligence operatives — to seize on delayed results or isolated voting-machine glitches to spread lies about the security of the process. (read more)

There is no such thing as “misinformation” or “disinformation.”  There is truth and lies.

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