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Americans love God, are patriotic, love the military, and have been under increasing leftist assault for almost 6 years. This is why Clint Eastwood’s patriotic movie about U.S. hero sniper Chris Kyle has hit at exactly the right time for a confluence of success.

The Box Office Records are being obliterated so fast the predictions of the Hollywood types are having to be revised upward by the hour – and the progressive Left is apoplectic in rage.

They.Just.Can’t.Stand.It !!

Leftist movie types like Michael Moore, and those of similar disposition who hate America, are having meltdowns at the success of American Sniper. They are so wound up with hate, they just don’t know what to do.

And this one carries a double-whammy that only divinely ironic intervention could deliver.

This is MLK holiday weekend, and the MLK movie “Selma” is also playing in theaters, in empty theaters. The professional left in Hollywood produced Selma to further their political narrative, and they are failing miserably.

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