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Thread by Crabman, Part I here

One small coffee shop’s energy bill goes from
> 2482 euro
> to 8979 euro

“My mum owns a small café in Leicester. Her electricity bill has just jumped from £10k ($12k) a year to £55k ($64k) a year. She is working out her options but more than likely she will be forced to close.” — via


“Pubs closure warning: ‘My energy bill went to £35,000 from £13,000′” (…)
“Dorset pub closes after £58,000 increase in utility costs” (…)
Firebrick Brasserie. Lauder, United Kingdom. Had to close yesterday FOREVER, b/c of energy prices in the UK.
“energy prices that companies are charging – there is no price cap for businesses!!- have meant it is no longer sustainable for us to continue.” (…)

The Rose and Crown. (Merseyside, England)


“Closed our tearoom we’ve successfully run for 7 years due to increasing costs in food/petrol/ utilities. Can’t sustain the hikes.”

“This is so sad from our local chip shop. It’s a reality for many small businesses.”

“We have gone from £1270 a month to £4900.”

“I currently pay £126 a month gas and electricity combined. Live alone. How the actual fuck can THIS be right? And I’m in a reasonable job. But I just can’t afford this. No fucking way.”

“these are our options when our fixed tariff ends at the end of the month – We’ve paid £160 a month for gas and electricity for the past two years (3 bed- two adults, two kids). It’s bleak.”


“Mine’s £140pm combined, the new quote is actually more than my husbands pension, I guess we’re going to be burning stuff in our smokeless zone chimney-less house to keep him warm after his chemo sessions”

“I live alone in a well insulated house. Was £86 / month. Now closer to £86/week predicted.”

(Germany) “My gas supplier has informed me that from the 1st October I will have to pay 30,50 Cent/kWh. The current tariff is 5,5 Cent/kWh.”

“In the last year, I have paid £1224 for my gas and electricity. In the coming year, I will pay £5444 – an extra £4220.”

The consensus vibe im feeling: western society will collapse under energy costs. there’s some kind of massive strike planned in the UK for October 1st.



“York: Pub closed as monthly energy bill almost trebles” (…)
“Nearly three-quarters of state pension will be swallowed up by energy bills next year: Pensioners face ‘terrifying’ winter as latest price cap predictions suggest annual gas and electricity fees could hit £7,000” (…)
“Business owner is enduring sleepless nights after being told her energy bills will rise to over £100,000. Annette Dolan, who runs Bath Aqua Glass, currently pays £14,000 a year, but is facing the steep rise at the end of September when her contract ends.” (…)


“The United Kingdom has announced an 80% hike in gas and electricity bills before winter”

“Telford chippy boss ‘in tears’ as £5k monthly gas and electric bill forces business to close” (…)
“Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo warned that the country faces long-term economic hardship due to soaring energy costs.” (…)
> from £1,016.44 a year
> to £5,831.40 a year

“Art galleries and libraries to become ‘warm banks’ as energy bills hit £3,500” (…)
“Please get this sorted as I do not know how we and other families are going to manage this winter. Cannot believe this quote, which is another mortgage.”

“£10000 + I’ll be turning everything off except the fridge before I pay this ridiculous amount of money.”

“£3k for a 2 bed house… absolutely disgusting”

“please someone explain how I’m supposed to afford this? My payments are £90 just now. I’ll repeat I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY to pay this so I have no option but to stay on flexible. I will now be in debt forever more if this continues”


It has even hit my own Twitter followers. Even the Pepes.

“Currently paying £169.54 per month but my January bill is expected to be £551.86🤷🏻‍♀️ An increase of what, 325%??”

I’ve done a lot of Octopus Energy tweets.
It’s the same with other providers. Here are a few examples from Scottish Power.

“WTF? We cannot afford that.”

“Since May, Scottish Power is collecting £10 for up to 14 days & £20 for more than 14 days non payment. A missed dd payment costs £5. Hitting the poor the hardest.”

“Erm don’t think I’ll be fixing my #energybills anytime soon.”

“Just for context my payment has gone from £165 in January this year to £261 in April and now £523 from September.”

“That’s more than I pay in rent on my house !!!” “I got two kids (one under a year old) to make sure are ok first”

“What about customer support?”
LOL no

You folks get the idea. But imagine being this person, and getting this letter in the mail.

It’s the same across the board with other companies.

“More than half of small companies — 54 per cent — fear their running costs could force them to close, according to a report by SME Insights and insurer Simply Business.” (…)


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