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By James Stansbury

The kids may be back in school, but this year parents are more fearful thanks in part to the courageous parents in Loudoun County Virginia who nearly two years ago brought to national attention the transgender policy, pro-LGBT Sex Ed, and divisive CRT indoctrination in public schools.  Although their exercise of free speech earned them threats from Biden’s increasingly militarized DoJ, more parents nationwide learned that their kids, from K-12 and college, are likely to be indoctrinated with radical leftist woke ideology, including the absurd idea that sexual identity is a personal choice.
In Virginia, the top issue remains transgender bathroom policy.  A clear majority of parents showing up at school board meetings the last two years don’t want biological males who identify as female in girl’s private areas and vice-versa.  All legislators should take heed of the lesson learned by Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe (D Va.) who lost a seemingly shoo-in governor’s race to novice politician Glenn Youngkin (R) after telling concerned parents they have no say in their kid’s education!
As usual, the left-leaning local news media covering a recent contentious school board meeting in Hanover County, VA, ignored the majority parent concerns and instead focused on one mom’s impassioned claim that her ‘non-binary’ six-year-old would be traumatized by the school board’s proposed restrictive policies.  Thankfully, on August 31st the school board approved the restrictive rules just in time for schools to reopen.  Parent pressure made the difference!
Consider for a moment the above soundbite the news media used to reinforce a belief that a six-year-old has the intellectual maturity make a life-altering decision that they are non-binary.  This thought is absurd, unless, of course, the kid was coached by some authority figure (i.e., woke parent, woke teachers, or woke medical professionals).  And true or not, how can any teacher remember each student’s made-up and ever-changing gender pronouns?  The pronoun game is reminiscent of the hysterical 1940s comedy routine “Who’s on First” by Abbot and Costello, only this time it’s not funny.
How did we get to this point?  One cause of today’s gender madness was described in an article in the Washington Stand covering a recent study by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Order. The research included a wide-ranging records search across all public universities in Wisconsin that train future teachers and documented the tactics used by the radical left-dominated education establishment to implement the remarkably successful cult like belief in gender fluidity and other woke doctrine.  Three short sentences sum it up:

“State universities indoctrinate future teachers in controversial transgender, racial, and political theories — and instruct them to teach these principles to children beginning in preschool.”
“Once the university changes students’ personal morality, it instructs them to begin introducing radical gender theory to children as young as three.”
“These criteria mean that teachers will be “discussing racial politics, gender politics, sexual identity, transgenderism, ahistorical anti-American history, and culturally revolutionary ideas with children as young as five or six years old…”

It is obvious the Dem’s woke agenda goes well beyond our schools.  The Federalist published a chilling article on how the transgender movement isn’t just targeting kids, it’s targeting families.  “The point isn’t just to break down the ‘gender binary.’ It’s to break down the family in order to reshape society.”  The Biden administration is also actively undermining the unity of the military with the same woke absurdities.  No wonder recruitment goals are far below requirements.  Biden was likely advised by multicredentialed Rachel Levine, a splendid role model of a trans-woman, four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, pediatrician, and assistant secretary at Health and Human Services (HHS).  ‘She’ proclaimed recently that sex reassignment surgery and puberty blockers were “lifesaving, medically necessary, age appropriate, and a critical tool.”  It’s no surprise then that Biden wanted his HHS to mandate all hospitals and doctors perform gender-affirming treatments.  Thankfully a federal judge blocked that scheme
With Democrats and their MSM propaganda arm fully in support, the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex has eagerly boarded the gender transition gravy train.  One new example is Yale University’s Pediatric Program. The Epoch Times called them out for helping ‘Gender Expansive’ three-Year-olds on their ‘Gender Journeys’.   With the demise of medical ethics during COVID, many others are cashing in as well.
Despite growing evidence that transitioning doesn’t fix depression as claimed, hospitals continue to sign up.  After proclaiming the opposite, medical personnel at University of Washington Medicine quietly admit mutilating trans kids doesn’t fix their depression and results in severe regrets for many. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the UK has wised up to the long-term harms caused by these early gender affirming procedures and is shutting down its largest gender transition facility.
What can be done to stop the woke indoctrination process?  Parental involvement with schools is essential but unlikely to convince the medical establishment to back away from the transgender cash cow.  And little help seems to be coming from most state or federal legislators.  Are they afraid of being cancelled on social media, called homophobes or raided by the FBI?
Why did it take the Left’s most hated junior Republican congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor-Green of Georgia, to sponsor some bold legislation?  The Natural News reported “The legislation, which has, of course, been shunned by culture-destroying Democrats, would make it a Class C felony, punishable by up to 25 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, to prescribe pharmaceutical “gender affirmation” to minors. It would also ban any and all taxpayer-funded insurance from paying for any similar treatment while banning institutions of higher learning from teaching the practices.”

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