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By Jessica Rose

Using a single keyword: ‘sudden’, I was able to pull out 13,752 adverse event reports and of these, 2,052 died.
80% of the individuals who submitted reports of sudden adverse events had no current illnesses at the time of their injection. 77% of individuals who died with an associated sudden onset adverse event had no current illnesses at the time of injection. In some cases, it was actually noted that the person was as healthy as a horse at the time of injection.
Here are 2 examples from VAERS:
VAERS_ID: 1481541
AGE: 68
SYMPTOM1/2/3/4: Autopsy/Cardiac arrest/Myocarditis/Sudden cardiac death
SYMPTOM_TEXT: Sudden cardiac arrest 5/30/21 (4 days after vaccination)
CUR_ILL: None.  Had actually seen by her gyn-onc and colon surgery physicians and her stoma wound care nurse in the 3 days prior to her sudden death, and was given a clean bill of health.
Died within 4 days of 1st dose
VAERS_ID: 1177518
AGE: 89
SYMPTOM1/2: Cardiac arrest/Cardiac pacemaker insertion
SYMPTOM_TEXT: Heart suddenly lost electrical current requiring pace maker to be implanted
CUR-ILL: none. in perfect health.
CARDIAC ARREST within 20 days of injection (unknown dose number)
Here’s what the distribution by age looks like. Note, this data is not normalized to shot number by age group.

And here’s the distribution by age for the subset of people who died.

The timeframes between injection and adverse events look like this:

And for the subset of people of died:

I checked the top 10 adverse events in the SYMPTOM1 variable in general, and for those who died.

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