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TV Newser:

Fox News’s decline in Monday – Friday prime time this past week has been well-documented, but the network still managed to finish the week of May 15 as the No. 1 cable network in Total Day audience for the 20th consecutive week.

Fox News actually beats MSNBC in total prime time viewers if we take Saturday and Sunday into account. MSNBC has aired reruns of Lockup during Saturday/Sunday prime time for years, while Fox News continues to air news programming in weekend prime.

FNC finished No. 2 in total prime time viewers across cable, only behind TNT and its coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals (Cleveland vs. Boston).

CNN and MSNBC had significant weeks as well. In fact, all three of the cable news networks were among basic cable’s top 5 networks for the entire week. The non-stop drama coming out of the White House last week is likely why.

Basic Cable Top 5 – Mon – Sun Prime Time (Total Viewers)

  1. TNT (3,163,000)
  2. Fox News (2,209,000)
  3. MSNBC (1,857,000)
  4. ESPN (1,719,000)
  5. CNN (1,426,000)

Basic Cable Top 5 – Total Day (Total Viewers)

  1. Fox News (1,436,000)
  2. Nickelodeon (1,075,000)
  3. MSNBC (1,006,000)
  4. CNN (981,000)
  5. TNT (946,000)

CNBC ranked No. 43 in prime time, and No. 57 in total day viewers.

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