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I openly predicted last year, when Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy, we would have the most fun in a presidential primary in history.  The last 24 hours have been absolutely hilarious.  If you are not having fun at the expense of the DeSantis billionaire funders, you are doing it wrong.

Candidate Ron DeSantis cannot even hold a public event in the state of Florida, because the only people who support him are the isolated group immediately around him and the Selfie-My-Lunch crowd who are disconnected from the average life of a Floridian.

Have you ever heard of a presidential candidate launching a campaign and NOT holding a public event in his/her home state to do it?   Most people are overlooking the obvious.  His handlers could not run the risk of a public event for their principal.  What does that tell you about the candidate?

Everything, and I do mean everything, about Ron DeSantis is manufactured, fake and phony – especially the claimed support that you see pushed by national media and the right-wing alt-media that are placing their bets to be paid by the massive financial mechanism behind the DeSantis management team.  Floridians can see through it, and the handlers are hoping the sunlight doesn’t spread to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

In the state of Florida, support for Ron DeSantis 2024 is maybe in the 15 to 20% range (I’m being generous).  Beyond that, he is not liked at all.  I travel the state talking to blue collar ordinary people all the time; there is no grassroots support for the fraud that DeSantis has perpetrated on the state.  This announcement has left him naked to the realization of his character as a raw political opportunist.

Once you realize all of this hype is manufactured and phony, you can have buckets of fun with it.  All of the DeSantis Republican supporters are predictable – like the Cruz Crew was in 2016.  Their arguments and policy points are as shallow, false and fake as their candidate.  Call them out.

Look at DeSantis’ history.  He was the lockdown beach closer during COVID-19, and he had people arrested for opening their businesses.  In 2021, long after President Trump was out of office, Ron DeSantis suspended the liquor licenses of non-compliant bars and restaurants.  Don’t let the Ukraine management team (Pushaw Inc.) attempt to rewrite it.

Ron DeSantis is the easiest candidate in the history of presidential candidates to deconstruct, because it’s all phony.

If you come across a Florida resident claiming to support Ron DeSantis, tell them to post “I LOVE RON DESANTIS” on their Facebook page, Instagram or social media, and watch what happens.  They won’t do it, because they don’t want to be ridiculed by their community network.  Yes, it really is that obvious and that bad.

If you listen to national media or alt-right CONservative media, those being paid for their participation and support of the fraud, you would think Ron DeSantis has a lot of support and following.  He doesn’t.  DeSantis is running away next week to campaign outside Florida because the sunlight down here is too hot.  His management team is trying to make a quick national impression because sooner or later people are going to realize the pretense.

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