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Patterico’s Pontifications:

In recent years, we have come to know the skillful manipulation of the Democrat response to any national news which might either reflect negatively upon the party or that can be used to their advantage. There is almost never a breaking of party line to condemn that which is universally condemnable. There is simply a pre-programmed circle-the-wagons defense and goal to do whatever it takes to cover any guilt and advance the party. The conscience must be expendable to succeed. And really, in light of what can be gained, is a Faustian bargain really that big of a deal?

The power of the Democrats can be disheartening because with a complicit media they are able, to a great degree, to shape voter reaction. In response, conservatives work hard to expose corruption, fraud, and hypocrisy while simultaneously pushing conservative ideals and candidates in the soldiering on for the cause of liberty.

It makes me think of these recent events: In light of the harrowing videos revealing the ghoulishness of Planned Parenthood, Democrats – from the White House down – have automatically condemned them as “edited”. However, Democratic presidential candidates have remained silent about the videos lest they jeopardize their poll numbers and ride on the Planned Parenthood gravy train.

And yet, when the dashcam arrest video of Sandra Bland of Texas (who was later found dead in her jail cell) was released, it raised a firestorm of protest and commentary by Democrats,including the three Democratic candidates, because it was automatically assumed to be accurate, unedited, and uncut:

“My heart breaks at seeing another young African American life lost too soon,” Clinton said in a statement on Wednesday. “Sandra Bland had a bright future ahead of her and it is particularly tragic that she lost her life just as she was to start her new career.”

Clinton added, “From what I’ve seen, the circumstances of this case are incredibly disturbing. I hope and expect that there will be a full investigation into this situation. It is also a tragic reminder of the ongoing systemic issues of race and justice in America that we must address with urgency, and we have to do more than talk—we have to take action.”

Sanders and O’Malley both called for new police reforms in light of the video.

And yet all three of them, along with other high-profile Democrats, refuse to condemn what they see and hear in the Planned Parenthood videos. This in spite of the full-length hour(s) long videos being simultaneously released with the shorter, more troubling sections.

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