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Allahpundit @ Hot Air:

Even TPM seems incredulous. The left’s supposed to wait until after Republicans help pass amnesty to start shrieking that they’re Latino-hating racists who’ll never change.

Enter American Bridge, a prominent Democratic super PAC devoted to tracking Republican candidates and gathering opposition research.

The group is out with a dossier Monday entitled “Barriers to Reform: The anti-immigrant and extremist money blocking progress in the Senate.” The report singles out a handful of Republican senators for what it describes as “disturbing” anti-immigration rhetoric and notes donations they’ve received from individuals and foundations who have also funded border hawk groups like FAIR and NumbersUSA, among others.

So who’s on the list of these supposed “barriers to reform” with “troubling histories on the issue?” Every Republican who wrote the immigration bill…

The report, which comes as Republican members of the “Gang of 8” are garnering praise from their Democratic colleagues for shepherding legislation to this point, offers a preview of where the politics of immigration might be heading: Democrats aren’t going to let Republicans brand themselves as the party of immigration — and Latino voters — just because they finally changed their mind about blocking reform.

Good cop/bad cop. Schumer and Durbin spend Sunday mornings blathering about how they could have never gotten this far on immigration reform without Rubio, and meanwhile American Bridge puts together a 550-page oppo research book on him for Democratic use the second this amnesty sellout is over. At least, that’s what I thought was coming; evidently AB can’t bear to wait another month until the bill’s safely through Congress to get rolling. Could be that it’s a pressure tactic, likely in coordination with Democratic leaders, to try to keep Rubio and the other Republican “Gang” members in the fold if/when the long-awaited conservative backlash to the Gang’s bill finally begins. Give the GOP a taste now of what’s coming if they balk and maybe they won’t … even though this is certainly coming eventually whether the bill passes or not.

Naturally, Republican “Gang” members are using scare tactics of their own to try to build consensus:

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