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By Tristan Justice

Federalist New York Correspondent David Marcus railed against Twitter’s censorship double-standards on Fox News Wednesday, as highlighted in his latest article for The New York Post, “The threats and violence Twitter won’t police.”

“Twitter claims that it has to censor conservative voices and banned President Trump because they’re in violation of their safety guidelines,” Marcus explained. “So I did about a 10-minute search of Twitter’s own platform and found hashtags like ‘#KillTrump,’ ‘#AssassinateTrump.’”

“I found a user whose current name is ‘Pigs In A Blanket, Fry Em Like Bacon,’ a reference to killing police,” Marcus added.

Marcus went on to condemn big tech’s de-platforming of Parler, the free-speech-branded website that was effectively cancelled by Apple and Google pulling the website app from its app stores and Amazon pulling its web hosting services.

“The monopolistic banning of Parler is really troublesome,” Marcus said, arguing the censorship is far worse than the sort of monopolistic behavior that was seen by the railroad corporations a century ago.

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