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The American Spectator:

And so the liberal Democrat double standard plays out again.

By now, we are well aware of the extraordinary predilection that certain prominent liberal Democrats — and their bagmen, donors, and fundraisers — have for sexually harassing women, objectifying women, using women as playthings and sex objects, even while giving the other kind of lip service to the “dignity of women.” From the vehicular bridge spans of Ted Kennedy to the antics within the John Kennedy White House, from the Bill Clinton state house in Little Rock to his oval office and under his desk in D.C., from the Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey movie and television sets to the John Edwards saga and the editorial offices of the New Republic, we find an extraordinary consistency of deceit and hypocrisy. “We support women. We respect a woman’s right to choose.” And then, when the camera lights are off and the microphones removed, the abasement and defilement of women begins.

While raising funds and appealing to “identity voters” on claims that they are the party who respect women, Democrat leaders — from the very top, down — have proven no better, and often quite worse, than those from across the aisle that they oppose.

This is the fantasy and fraud of the likes of the National Organization for Women, who never hesitate to pan Republicans but who remain tight-lipped and oblivious while watching one after another after another Democrat emerge as a truly misogynist pig. And not just a pig who made a one-time mistake, but someone who has been on the front lines of misogyny throughout a lifetime, often even a public lifetime. The Bill Clinton who was using Arkansas state troopers to help pimp for him, and whose name forever will be linked with Gennifer Flowers, Paula Corbin Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky. The heroes of the hypocritical “Women’s Movement” who never could find the courage to call out Ted Kennedy or his successors. Even as they project themselves as brave and heroic by wearing vagina hats at anti-Trump rallies, reciting pornographic “poetry” and fantasizing about blowing up the White House, the same cowards from Ashley Judd to Meryl Street kept their silence for years, knowing full well that a pig like Harvey Weinstein was on the loose in Hollywood. Streep knew better but called him “god,” even as she begs for the exculpation of Roman Polanski. Judd knew better — she knew first hand, and she knew the other hand — but instead opted to go after Trump, knowing or at least desperately hoping that the cheers and accolades from the echo-chamber throng at the “Women’s March” might boost her flailing career.

How explain the cowardice when provided the opportunity to be heroic and expose a serial sex offender who had gone directly after her — yet portray such false bravado against someone she never knew? Perhaps her sister and mom could sing it best: Mama, she’s crazy.

So they dared not go after Weinstein, who buttered their bread and wanted to butter god-knows-what-else. Because, to those hypocrites and cowards, he was “god.” And he knew what else.

And now, amid all else, we learn that, as the United States Senator from Minnesota promised us years ago on “Saturday Night Live,” we are about to embark on the Year of Al Franken.

Understand that Franken’s misogyny did not emerge only today, as prominent Los Angeles morning radio news anchor Leeann Tweeden publicly called him out for groping at her, and kissing her forcefully against her will — against her repeated demands that he keep his lips off her. Tweeden describes on her radio’s website more than how he defied her demands that he keep his lips off her. She further discloses that he stuck his tongue into her mouth against her will. As bad as it is to kiss a person against his or her will — how much more vile is the hostile and violent act of sexually forcibly sticking one’s tongue into another’s mouth against will?

Yet understand that Franken has had a long and truly sordid history of fantasizing about rape and about sexual objectifying of women. If he were a Republican, not only would he be ousted by now from the United States Senate — because the Democrats would be demanding his ouster, even as the Republicans would be consuming their own as they always do — but he never would have gotten elected. He would have been “Roy Moored” long before there was a Roy Moore.

In January 2000, Al Franken authored “Porn-O-Rama,” a pornographic piece for Playboymagazine, describing a virtual reality sex laboratory involving researchers and “sexbots” (sex robots) at a fictional Institute of “Titology.” He began: “The moment Playboy told me I could tackle any subject for its millennium issue, I immediately chose pornography.” After complimenting pornographer Larry Flynt for laying the groundwork so that every sex shop in California has a wheelchair-access ramp, he proceeded: “[T]he Internet… is a terrific learning tool. For example, a couple years ago, when he was 12, my son used the Internet for a sixth grade report on bestiality. Joe was able to download some effective visual aids, which the other students in his class just loved. See, at that age, kids are sponges!” In other words, Franken the father knew that his young boy was doing this, and he bragged about it to the world of Playboy readers instead of educating that malleable young boy that such a thing is vile, disgusting.

And the Democrats call Roy Moore creepy? There is more to what Franken wrote. Others will summarize it in a sentence. However, the moment and the public interest call for allowing the Democrats’ United States Senator from Minnesota to be heard in his own words, as he states that “the next millennium will be such an exciting time for pornographers and for us, the consumers of pornography.”

The Democrat Senator then reports having gone to the “Institute of Titology” — the fabrication of Al Franken’s perverted mind. “I was escorted through the modest single-story cinderblock think tank by IPS senior fellow Dr. Julie DeVine [a play on the words “truly divine”].… As Dr. DeVine led me to the Future wing of the institute, I couldn’t help but notice that she is an extremely attractive blonde with a tight, round ass, legs that won’t quit and firm but ample breasts. So ample, in fact, that she received a full scholarship from MIT.

“At first, I thought it was my imagination, but when Dr. DeVine escorted me into the virtual reality room, she seemed to be coming on to me. She allowed her bodacious breasts to brush against my face as she lowered me into the prototype of the Virtu-Screw 2000. ‘How does that feel?’ she cooed. I didn’t know if she was referring to the Naugahyde bucket seat or to the two erect nipples pushing through her white lab coat and nearly poking my eyes out.

“Then Dr. DeVine placed the Virtu-Screw helmet over my head.… Since I’ve been married 23 years, I naturally chose ‘blow job.’ My chair was abruptly tilted backward and I ‘felt’ my pants being unzipped. If I hadn’t known I was sitting in the most state-of-the-art virtual reality sex machine, I would’ve sworn that a real woman’s hand had pulled my cock from my pants.… [W]hen I shot my wad, the virtual mouth swallowed.”

And the Democrats call Roy Moore creepy, undignified, and unworthy to sit in the United States Senate? And there is more.

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