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by Scott Boyd

It’s a miracle! After a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases starting the month before the 2020 election and continuing until a very specific date, there was a sudden and jolting plunge that immediately followed. That date was January 20, Inauguration Day, and people like Dave Rubin have questions.

Let’s cut straight to the lede. This is, with 100% certainty, a political move initiated by The Swamp and their cronies in mainstream media, Big Tech, and the CDC to pad their numbers. The goal: To bloat the numbers of coronavirus cases under President Trump while diminishing the number of coronavirus under President Biden. This is the setup for a sales pitch in which they prop up the Biden administration Covid-19 response and trash President Trump’s.

Coronavirus Cases in the US
There are several takeaways from this. First and foremost, it shows that the pandemic is being used as a control mechanism. They adjust the numbers in whichever direction they want them to go in order to support their agenda. Some will say that this is a conspiracy theory, but there is ample evidence that the theory is absolutely correct. Like I said, I’m 100% certain and I don’t deal with absolutes very often. Only Sith do that.

The second big takeaway is that we should be extremely upset by the narrative they’re crafting. This is beyond just an election narrative designed to drag down sentiment towards President Trump. It’s an ideological narrative to make us believe in the efficacy of lockdowns, face masks, and other policies that allegedly mitigate the spread of Covid-19. We’ve seen evidence that it does and we’ve seen evidence that it doesn’t. With nothing concrete, we should examine it all much more closely.

With that said, the evidence that lockdowns are destroying the economy, killing jobs, and shuttering businesses is unquestionable. Perhaps worse is the fact that clinical depression, drug overdoses, and suicides have increased dramatically over the last year. Does Covid-19 kill? Yes. Is it the existential threat that it’s being billed as by those controlling the narrative? Not really. Are the side effects of lockdowns destroying lives and curtailing out prospects for prosperity? Without a doubt, yes.

The third and final takeaway is that mainstream media is using this to make Americans trust the Biden administration’s handling of the pandemic. A recent article by The Hill demonstrates not only how the narrative is being crafted, but also that it’s apparently working.

The poll shows that 70 percent of respondents back Biden’s response to the pandemic, with 97 percent of Democrats and 44 percent of Republicans approving the president’s work on the issue.

The number of COVID-19 deaths and cases per day have fallen since Biden took office, though there are some signs they are now plateauing. New variants of the disease have also sparked concerns that cases could again rise.

Biden could also be benefiting from the distribution of vaccines across the country. Sixteen percent of the nation’s population has now had at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to statistics kept by The New York Times. Vaccinations across the country have also led to more optimism for the economy and a growing stock market.

In the poll, 60 percent overall approved of Biden’s performance as president so far. The results split along party lines, with 94 percent of Democrats approving of his work while only 22 percent of Republicans did.

As the graph shared by Dave Rubin shows, the numbers went up until it was time for them to go down.

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