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by Ace

First Biden yelled, “For God’s sake, this man [Putin] cannot remain in power.”
Then over the weekend, he responded to reporters asking him about that saying that he had not called for regime change in Russia.
Also, White House staffers walked back the call for regime change.
Now he says two different things:
1, I never said that,
2, Also, I continue to believe that Putin must not be allowed to remain in power.
NeverTrump’s moderate, centrist, sober candidate for President.
America is back, baby!



Even CNN admits that Biden’s latest ad-libbed outburst is a gift to Putin, as it will only strengthen him at home. Leon Panetta admits it too.

MSNBC admits that Biden’s latest senile rant means that Russia will continue fighting longer and harder, and be more reluctant to come to terms with Ukraine.


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